Public Health Job Opportunities

MCH Epidemiology Coordinator

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Public Health, is hiring an Epidemiology Surveillance Coordinator to meet the needs of our Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology (MCH EPI) Office.

Examples of Work

Design, implement, and administer statewide epidemiological surveillance systems and surveys; coordinate with stakeholders in surveillance system integration and utilization; and interpret, evaluate, and analyze data to prepare reports, identify/analyze trends, and develop recommendations or interventions.

Coordinate the Child and Maternal Death Review Team (CMDRT), which includes management of the team meetings (seven annually); manage, analyze and report the data; utilize data, methods, and research in the development on implementation of recommendations to prevent deaths. Develop and implement a study of Severe Maternal Morbidity.

Work with key Maternal and Child Health indicators (approximately 50) to monitor the population’s health. Update indicators annually and assess for emerging trends. If necessary, conduct additional analysis and research into findings. Work with the LogiAnalytic developers and the Office of MCH Epidemiology to create data applications that support maternal and child health work on the new data platform.

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Exercise Specialist

The Exercise Neuropsychology Laboratory (ENL) in the Department of Neurological Sciences is seeking a qualified individual to facilitate a research-based exercise program in women living with breast cancer. This position involves leading small group walking sessions at a local fitness center while monitoring heart rate, blood pressure, and participant safety. Learn more about the ENL at Continue reading “Exercise Specialist”

GA Project Assistant with Dr. Lowe

Dr. Lowe is seeking a GA to assist with projects and activities related to developing and delivering a national training program on EMS and mortuary care for Ebola and other special pathogens.  The position will assist in coordinating efforts with multiple partners and collaborators including faculty and experts at UNMC, UNO, University of Indiana, Omaha Fire Department and the National Strategic Research Institute. Continue reading “GA Project Assistant with Dr. Lowe”

Safety Specialist

The Safety Specialist is responsible for contributing to the CHI Health mission and vision by providing expertise in the development, implementation, and monitoring of CHI Health corporate Safety Program.

The Safety Specialist ensures CHI facilities have implemented the required elements of safety and accident reduction programs, identified additional opportunities with the facilities for safety improvements and works with the management group to develop the appropriate control mechanisms. An important part is also monitoring regulatory and accredited safety compliance. All efforts must be done in a coordinated fashion to support the strategic and operational needs of the organization focusing on both quality and cost-efficiency. Continue reading “Safety Specialist”