Public Health Job Opportunities

Public Policy Manager

At the Alzheimer’s Association we are the brains behind saving yours.  Many of us who work for the Alzheimer’s Association have some connection with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. It’s what drives us to make the extra effort in the daunting task of modifying a disease that currently has no cure. With 78 million baby boomers entering the age of greatest risk for Alzheimer’s, we need passionate, hardworking people committed to helping the Association meet the increasing demand for care and support and fund vital Alzheimer’s research.

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PREDICTS Study Student Worker

The PREDICTS Study Team is looking for two Student Workers. More information about PREDICTS is in the document below.

Program Description for Patients _ 06_14_18

Student will assist with clinical visits for study participants. Duties will include but may not be limited to conducting interviews in English, assisting participants with online survey completion, advising and obtaining informed consent to participate in research, data entry, participant correspondence in person and on the phone, basic anthropomorphic measurements. Continue reading “PREDICTS Study Student Worker”

COPH Federal Work Study positions

All Federal Work Study (FWS) positions for the 2018-19 Academic Year are now posted.

A few things to know:

  • You must be eligible for FWS, according to your 2018-19 FAFSA. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact UNMC Financial Aid.
  • If you are a current/returning UNMC student, you may begin working in a position as early as Friday, July 6th.
  • If you are an incoming/Fall 2018 UNMC student, your first day of work cannot be before the first day of classes (August 20th).
  • For more information about FWS, click here.
  • Reach out to the contact person for positions you are interested in, and they will provide any special application instructions.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Brenda Nickol with COPH Career Services.


2018-19 COPH FWS Positions:

  1. FILLED  ACE Internationalization Lab Graduate Assistant
  2. Dean’s Office Student Worker
  3. (CRHD) – Community Research Assistant
  4. College of public Health (EAOH) Agricultural Center Assistant
  5. College of public Health (EAOH) Lab Assistant
  6. College of Public Health Epidemiology Graduate Assistant for Dr. Baccaglini
  7. College of Public Health Epidemiology Graduate Assistant for Drs. Medcalf and Cieslak
  8. College of Public Health Epidemiology Research Assistant
  9. College of Public Health Epidemiology Student Research Assistant
  10. College of Public Health Epidemiology Teacher Assistant for Dr. Hill
  11. College of Public Health Epidemiology Teacher Assistant for Dr. Baccaglini
  12. College of Public Health Health Promotion Community Student Research Assistant
  13. College of Public Health Health Promotion Research Assistant
  14. College of Public Health (OPHP) Practice Program Assistant

Dean Student Worker

Dean Khan is seeking a Student Worker to assist with a variety of tasks, primarily related to researching and prepping for speaking engagements. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about leading topics in public health, polish your communication skills, and of course, work with the Dean!

View the job description below, and if interested, contact Cathy Ely. Applicants will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with the goal of having a student in place by the start of Fall Semester.

Deans Office 2018


Note–may be an hourly or FWS position.

Clinical Research Associate I

There is currently an opportunity for a Research Assistant with pediatric palliative care at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center. The research methodology is mixed (mostly qualitative, some quantitative). The role is approx. 30 hours per week (can be less or can be more). They are currently conducting patient reported outcome research; quality of life metric research; paternal and grandparent support needs research; end of life care research; and hospice education research. There are also open to considering new research methods/topics relevant to pediatric palliative care. (This is a fun, dynamic, interdisciplinary clinical team with a heart for advancing the science of pediatric palliative care!)


View the job description and apply online here.