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CDC Foundation COVID Response Corps–updated info

Opportunities for students & grads with COVID Response Corps

The CDC Foundation is actively hiring for their COVID Response Corps for positions including contact tracers, epidemiologists, nurses, project managers, administrative assistants, and others – in locations around the country. Today there are many job postings on their COVID-19 Corps jobs website [], and it is being updated with new opportunities daily.

For graduating students of public health with an undergraduate or master level degree this spring, students are encouraged to look at the listing at the end of the job postings for contact tracers nationwide. There are a number of contract tracer positions and as the front line COVID public health workers, these positions provide an outstanding opportunity to work with the nation’s lead agency charged with protecting the public’s health.These contact tracer positions will be trained and placed in local health departments to call people diagnosed with COVID-19, gather their contacts, and proceed to call every contact in reference. This is in tandem with community-wide efforts to increase testing, improve communication and implementation of isolation and quarantine. This will fortify efforts to control the pandemic. The contact tracer may use a web-based contact resource management (CRM) platform to document a symptom check, refer them for testing according to established protocols, and provide them with instructions for quarantine. Contact tracers with be trained to follow policies and procedures provided, and comply with Department of Public Health training regarding confidential information related to personal information.The CDC Foundation offers a competitive salary and attractive benefits package.

Director, Division of Intramural Population Health Research

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), NIH, is recruiting for an outstanding individual to lead and direct the activities of its Division of Intramural Population Health Research (DIPHR).

View the full Announcement, including summary of the duties of the position and the application requirements, online here.

CDC COVID response positions

CDC COVID-19 vacancies are posted on USA jobs. Below you will see positions listed by job type, by grade and if permanent/term/temporary.

Each Vacancy Announcement will be opened for 30-45 days, with a 5 -calendar day cut-off.  I suggest using the Key Word search function on USAJobs to find the job titles below, or cutting and pasting the Vacancy Announcement Numbers. I recommend looking closely at each type of position, since the duties and qualifications vary and there may be some you are interested in even if you are not familiar with the job title. Also, make sure to view the post with positions being filled via the CDC Foundation.

The cut-off dates vary and are as follows:

4/6/20 4/11/20 4/16/20 4/21/20 4/26/20
5/1/20 5/6/20 5/11/20 5/15/20  

Vacancy Information: Emergency Management Specialist, GS-0089-09/11/12/13:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782669
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782670
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782671

Vacancy Information: Lead Emergency Management Specialist, GS-0089-14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782838
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782839
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782840

Vacancy Information:  IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782281
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782284
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782283

Vacancy Information: Health Communications Specialist,  GS-1001-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10781555:GS-11/12/13/14
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782966:GS-11/12/13/14
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783088:GS-11/12/13/14

Vacancy Information: Health Communications Officer, GS-1001-15:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782955
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783028
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783398

Vacancy Information: Public Health Analyst, GS-0685-09/11/12:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783600
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783873
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783874

Vacancy Information: Public Health Analyst, GS-0685-13/14/15:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783603
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783606
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783604

Vacancy Information: Public Health Advisor, GS-0685-09/11/12:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10781617
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783369
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP:HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783782

Vacancy Information: Public Health Advisor, GS-0685-13/14/15:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID1910783966
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783987
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783996

Vacancy Information: Health Scientist, GS-0601-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782049
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Temp): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782060
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Term): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782061

Vacancy Information: Epidemiologist, GS-0601-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784098
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Temp): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784099 
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Term): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784100 

Vacancy Information: Health Scientist (Informatics), GS-0601-11/12/13/14 :

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784326
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Temp): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784327
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Term): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784329

Postdoctoral Fellow – Clinical Cancer Genomics

The Division of Clinical Cancer Genomics in the Department of Population Sciences (DPS) at the City of Hope National Medical Center invites applications for a Postdoctoral Fellow with interest in cancer genomics, cancer care delivery, eHealth, public health, patient literacy and education, and improving accessibility of care through health-related technology. The Postdoctoral Fellow will join a research team that investigates the role of cancer genomics and health disparities outcomes, as well as health-related technology in improving accessibility of information for patients, family members, and providers.

The Postdoctoral Fellow will work with Dr. Stacy Gray on NIH-funded projects with a focus on improving accessibility of cancer genomics information and integrating technology to improve health literacy. The Postdoctoral Fellow will participate in ongoing research, with a particular focus on cancer genomics, information technology innovations to improve care, dissemination and implementation science, data management and analysis, project coordination and management, and writing and preparation of manuscripts and grant applications. Considerable opportunities for mentored professional development including analytic skills for quantitative and qualitative data, writing lead-author papers, and designing, applying for, and conducting grant-funded research. 

Key Responsibilities include:

  • Design and conduct mixed method, observational studies, and intervention studies
  • Build and sustain partnerships with collaborators and external healthcare facilities
  • Collaborate on developing study strategies, methods, and designs
  • Develop research protocols
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative data analyses, and interpret study findings
  • Write manuscripts for peer-reviewed publications and research reports
  • Assist with grant development and writing proposals
  • Disseminate research findings through conference presentations
  • Assist in leading a multidisciplinary research team

Basic education, experience and skills required for consideration:

  • PhD, DrPH, ScD, MD (including MDs who completed clinical training, or are in clinical training and aspire to be physician-scientists), or other doctoral degree in public health, health services research, behavioral science, epidemiology, psychology (e.g., health, social, clinical, or counseling), or a related field
  • Strong record of publications and excellent writing and statistical skills
  • Must be computer literate with proficiency and working knowledge of database and reporting tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Experience in a hospital/healthcare setting
  • Exceptional communicator in both written and oral form; able to develop and deliver effective presentations for various audiences
  • An inquisitive mind to learn about and apply the latest research in cancer genomics, as well as educational online interfaces for improving patient literacy

Preferred education experience and skills:

  • Prior experience in health services or public health-related research incorporating cancer genomics
  • Analytical skills for large datasets
  • Experience with electronic medical records (e.g., EPIC)
  • Proficiency with SAS, R, STATA, or equivalent statistical package

View the full job description and apply online here.

CDC Foundation COVID-19 Support Positions nationwide

The CDC Foundation is hiring for a number of types of positions throughout the nation, to support COVID-19 response efforts. This is a part of CDC’s direct support to states, and putting them through the Foundation will allow for quicker hiring and start up.

View the available positions online here.