Public Health Job Opportunities

CDC Foundation COVID Response Corps–updated info

Opportunities for students & grads with COVID Response Corps

The CDC Foundation is actively hiring for their COVID Response Corps for positions including contact tracers, epidemiologists, nurses, project managers, administrative assistants, and others – in locations around the country. Today there are many job postings on their COVID-19 Corps jobs website [], and it is being updated with new opportunities daily.

For graduating students of public health with an undergraduate or master level degree this spring, students are encouraged to look at the listing at the end of the job postings for contact tracers nationwide. There are a number of contract tracer positions and as the front line COVID public health workers, these positions provide an outstanding opportunity to work with the nation’s lead agency charged with protecting the public’s health.These contact tracer positions will be trained and placed in local health departments to call people diagnosed with COVID-19, gather their contacts, and proceed to call every contact in reference. This is in tandem with community-wide efforts to increase testing, improve communication and implementation of isolation and quarantine. This will fortify efforts to control the pandemic. The contact tracer may use a web-based contact resource management (CRM) platform to document a symptom check, refer them for testing according to established protocols, and provide them with instructions for quarantine. Contact tracers with be trained to follow policies and procedures provided, and comply with Department of Public Health training regarding confidential information related to personal information.The CDC Foundation offers a competitive salary and attractive benefits package.

CDC COVID response positions

CDC COVID-19 vacancies are posted on USA jobs. Below you will see positions listed by job type, by grade and if permanent/term/temporary.

Each Vacancy Announcement will be opened for 30-45 days, with a 5 -calendar day cut-off.  I suggest using the Key Word search function on USAJobs to find the job titles below, or cutting and pasting the Vacancy Announcement Numbers. I recommend looking closely at each type of position, since the duties and qualifications vary and there may be some you are interested in even if you are not familiar with the job title. Also, make sure to view the post with positions being filled via the CDC Foundation.

The cut-off dates vary and are as follows:

4/6/20 4/11/20 4/16/20 4/21/20 4/26/20
5/1/20 5/6/20 5/11/20 5/15/20  

Vacancy Information: Emergency Management Specialist, GS-0089-09/11/12/13:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782669
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782670
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782671

Vacancy Information: Lead Emergency Management Specialist, GS-0089-14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782838
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782839
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782840

Vacancy Information:  IT Specialist, GS-2210-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782281
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782284
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782283

Vacancy Information: Health Communications Specialist,  GS-1001-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10781555:GS-11/12/13/14
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782966:GS-11/12/13/14
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783088:GS-11/12/13/14

Vacancy Information: Health Communications Officer, GS-1001-15:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782955
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TERM):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783028
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (TEMPORARY):  HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783398

Vacancy Information: Public Health Analyst, GS-0685-09/11/12:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783600
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783873
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783874

Vacancy Information: Public Health Analyst, GS-0685-13/14/15:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783603
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783606
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783604

Vacancy Information: Public Health Advisor, GS-0685-09/11/12:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10781617
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783369
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP:HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783782

Vacancy Information: Public Health Advisor, GS-0685-13/14/15:

  • Vacancy Announcement Permanent: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID1910783966
  • Vacancy Announcement TERM: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783987
  • Vacancy Announcement TEMP: HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10783996

Vacancy Information: Health Scientist, GS-0601-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782049
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Temp): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782060
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Term): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10782061

Vacancy Information: Epidemiologist, GS-0601-11/12/13/14:

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784098
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Temp): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784099 
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Term): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784100 

Vacancy Information: Health Scientist (Informatics), GS-0601-11/12/13/14 :

  • Vacancy Announcement Number (PERMANENT): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784326
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Temp): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784327
  • Vacancy Announcement Number (Term): HHS-CDC-DH-COVID19-10784329

CDC’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) application open until Jan 28

The Public Health Associate Program (PHAP), a unique public health training program with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), will open its 2020 application period January 22–28. PHAP is seeking exceptional recent college graduates interested in public health careers.

PHAP is a two year, competitive, paid training program. Associates gain broad, hands-on experience working in public health programs in state, tribal, local, and territorial public health departments; nongovernmental organizations; public health institutes and associations; academic institutions; and CDC quarantine stations. Continue reading “CDC’s Public Health Associate Program (PHAP) application open until Jan 28”

Applied Epi Fellowship Program (CSTE/CDC)

CSTE is currently accepting new applications for the  

Applied Epidemiology Fellowship program

for placement in the summer of 2020.

Potential field assignment subject areas:

Birth Defects and NAS

Chronic Disease

Environmental Health

Infectious Diseases (including HAI, Quarantine, and Food Safety)


Injury – Drug Overdose

Occupational Health

Maternal and Child Health

Substance Use/Mental Health


In response to the need for a skilled workforce in applied epidemiology at state and local health departments, the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) has established the Applied Epidemiology Fellowship Program in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH).

The goal of the Fellowship is to provide a high quality on-the-job training experience in applied epidemiology for recent graduates and to prepare Fellows for long-term career placement at the state and local level. Based on their career aspirations and available positions, Fellows are carefully matched to a state or local health agency or federal quarantine station for two years under the guidance of an experienced mentor.

During their tenure, Fellows will be expected to complete activities and achieve competencies related to epidemiologic methods, communication skills, public health practice, policy, and legal issues. Continue reading “Applied Epi Fellowship Program (CSTE/CDC)”

Climate & Health Project Manager

The CDC Foundation seeks a full-time Project Manager to lead the implementation of a project that aims to assess current capacity and future needs for climate-readiness in a subset of local health departments. The Project Manager will be responsible for conducting a landscape analysis of the capacity of health agencies to address the impacts of climate change on health and their corresponding resource needs. The Project Manager will also convene an expert group of stakeholders in the climate and health field to inform the assessment and will share expertise learned throughout the project by creating documents with recommendations for future work. Continue reading “Climate & Health Project Manager”