Author: Kelly Cawcutt

Happy 7th Birthday to our UNMC ID Blog!

We just turned 7! As this month comes to a close, I want to share a brief look-back and a lot of gratitude to all those who have made this blog possible. February 14, 2017 was our first UNMC ID blog post. It is amazing how much time has passed since then, and we are […]

Feb 29, 2024

2023 Reflections From ID Chief – Dr. Rupp

As we enter the holiday season and approach the coming new year, it is appropriate to reflect on 2023 –what a year! Unfortunately, 2023 started with the tragic death of Dr. Diana Florescu, a cherished ID faculty member. Prior to her death, Diana was recognized as the 2022 UNMC Scientist Laureate. To preserve her memory […]

Dec 31, 2023

Publication Alert : “Moment vs Movement: Mission-Based Tweeting for Physician Advocacy”

  Drs. Kelly Cawcutt & Jasmine Marcelin have served as Co-Directors for Digital Innovation & Social Media Strategy for UNMC ID for several years, and continue to strive to advance communication, amplification, advocacy and education from the Infectious Diseases Division at UNMC, and in the field of Infectious Diseases, as a whole. With that, they […]

Oct 12, 2021

UNMC ID @IDWeek2021 – Where To Find Us

It is that time of year again, the fresh transition into fall, and for the Infectious Diseases world, the growing excitement for IDWeek. This year, UNMC ID will again be active at throughout the conference. Where can you find us? First, follow us on Twitter @UNMC_ID throughout the conference! Second, we have faculty who will […]

Sep 28, 2021

Hot Topics in Healthcare – HAIs and Infection Prevention Post-Pandemic

Post written by Dr. Kelly Cawcutt & originally posted at The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to healthcare throughout the world. Fraught with high volumes of patients and paucity of resources and testing, combined with personal protective equipment (PPE) and staffing shortages the past year has taught the healthcare community lasting lessons in resilience.  The […]

Sep 13, 2021

Publication Alert: De-Isolation of COVID19 Patients

Content by Dr. Clayton Mowrer, 2021 UNMC ID graduate. Early in the pandemic, it became clear that patients with COVID-19 can demonstrate prolonged detection of viral RNA (as along as weeks to months), which can lead to prolonged hospitalizations, especially for those patients with more severe disease. One of the difficulties often encountered in managing these patients was in determining how long […]

Jul 20, 2021

Faculty Spotlight – Dr. Anum Abbas

Welcoming Dr. Anum Abbas, one of our newer faculty to join our division in this past year

Jul 15, 2021

Biopreparedness Training in ID Fellowship

Content provided by Drs. Hewlett, Ridder and Mowrer. Beginning in 2019, the UNMC ID Fellows have participated in Biopreparedness Training during their 2nd year of fellowship.  The ID Fellows learn about emerging infectious diseases and biopreparedness through didactic teaching sessions with internationally-recognized experts in the field, and also participate in specialized PPE training in the Davis […]

Jul 12, 2021

COVID-19 In Vaccinated Health Care Workers – The Nebraska Medicine Experience

Content provided by Dr. Rick Starlin. Household contacts to active SARS-Cov2 to infectious cases has been identified as a significant risk factor for acquisition of infection since early in the pandemic. We identified this as one of our biggest risk factors for colleague acquisition of SARS-CoV2 to infection at Nebraska Medicine as well. This brief […]

Jun 16, 2021

Re-Opening Sudan Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Content provided by Dr. Nada Fadul. Sudan emerged from a 30-year dictatorship in 2019 to face the COVID-19 pandemic with a fragile health system and a half-finished transitional government structure. During the dictatorship, the majority of GDP was spent on military and security forces and very little was spent on health. This led to privatization […]

May 25, 2021