Division of Infectious Diseases

Dr. Guzman – UNMC ID Fellowship Graduate – on “Why UNMC ID?”

Dr. Luis Guzman on “Why I Love ID” and “Why UNMC ID?” Infectious Diseases keeps  many clinical skills in practice. Any single detail of patient’s life could be crucial to discovering the diagnosis.  Some of the most challenging diagnoses are infectious diseases. There is always a bug to catch and learn about, therefore visits to the microbiology lab are a fun complement to the clinical practice…. Continue Reading

Nichole Regan on “Why I Love ID”

Nichole Regan, APRN, NP-C on “Why I Love ID” “I love ID because each patient is a blend of history, exam, laboratory and other results, tied to a very personal human story. We have algorithms to guide us, and cutting-edge research to challenge us to do better. The ID team at Nebraska Medicine is the icing on the cake—some of the most brilliant and resourceful… Continue Reading

Ebola Case Confirmed – Are you Ready? National Ebola Training and Education Center

Earlier this Month, WHO confirmed a case of Ebola related death in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although there is not a known widespread outbreak, such confirmations raise questions of  preparedness. Are you ready if there is another outbreak of Ebola or another highly contagious infectious disease? If you are not prepared, or unsure, training is available. The National Ebola Training and Education Center… Continue Reading

Dr. Hankins on “Why UNMC ID?”

Dr. Hankins on “Why UNMC ID”   When I started residency I had no idea what I wanted to do afterwards.  Soon I realized as an intern that every patient I saw in which we were treating for an infection, suddenly became the patients I was most interested in.  I was amazed at how quickly patient’s with blood stream infections could go from almost dying to… Continue Reading

ID Journal Club on HPV Vaccination

What Are You Reading?     At the last Infectious Diseases Journal Club, I reviewed “Quadrivalent HPV Vaccination and the Risk of Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes”, a comprehensive review published in the March 30th, 2017 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine that examined adverse pregnancy outcomes between women who received the quadrivalent HPV vaccine during pregnancy and those who did not.  I trained in both internal medicine… Continue Reading

Infection Prevention and Healthcare Associated Infections

It is difficult to overstate the importance of healthcare associated infections (HAI).  Approximately 4% of patients who enter hospitals in the United States develop an infection related to their hospital care.  Although 4% may not sound like a big number, when you multiply 4% by the tens of millions of admissions to U.S. hospitals, it equates to 1-2 million infections per year resulting in billions… Continue Reading

Let’s Talk About…HIV and Stigma

Recently, Nikki Regan, APRN at the Nebraska Medicine Specialty Care Clinic, was a guest speaker for the Healthy Lifestyles curriculum at her alma mater, Ridge View Middle School (formerly Schaller-Crestland), in Early, IA. Regan led a discussion about HIV and stigma for a group of approximately sixty (very curious) 8th graders. They talked about HIV basics, like how it is transmitted and, more importantly, how… Continue Reading

Dr. Zimmer on “Why I Love ID”

Dr. Zimmer on “Why I Love ID”: I love the diversity and complexity of the field and especially enjoy working with immunocompromised populations. Seeing a variety of challenging cases and working with multiple different teams makes every day interesting. Learn more about Dr. Zimmer and the UNMC ID Division here.

Share Your Story

I was given the rare opportunity to share my story via the AAMC of how I came to be both a physician and Infectious Diseases/Critical Care subspecialist. Everyone has an amazing story to tell full of both successes and failures, lessons learned and lessons yet to come. Here at UNMC I am honored to be surrounded my amazing, inspiring faculty members within my Division, Department and… Continue Reading