Month: April 2018

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

If you work in an office at all, chances are you have come into contact with an Administrative Professional.  The impact of an Administrative Professional on their office team has been compared to glue or paperclips that keep the office together. Our Administrative Professionals are an integral part of our group here at UNMC ID.  […]

Apr 25, 2018

World Meningitis Day 2018: #AllMeningitisMatters

It’s World Meningitis Day! #Meningitis affects more than 2.8 million people globally each year.  Meningitis can be a scary disease.  It can be contagious, debilitating, and even deadly.  That’s why it is important to understand what it is, how to recognize it and how to prevent it. What is meningitis? The meninges are a set […]

Apr 24, 2018

Happy Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!

Providing medical care for a single patient takes a village of health care professionals, and among these, we have some unsung heroes we would like to recognize this week – our Laboratory Professionals! In Infectious Diseases, we rely heavily on our colleagues working in the lab, particularly in the microbiology lab. They process the cultures […]

Apr 22, 2018

Headed to #ECCMID2018? UNMC ID will be there!

UNMCID is a versatile Infectious Diseases Division, with faculty active in multiple clinical/research pursuits. Some of our faculty are just returning from #SHEA2018 in Portland OR, and others are headed to Madrid Spain to participate in #ECCMID2018 this week from April 21-24.  If you are going to be in Madrid this week, here’s where to […]

Apr 20, 2018

Losing Ground Against Gonorrhea – The Rising Antibiotic Resistance

April is Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) Awareness month  and there is a critical need to raise awareness toward preventing these infections in all our patients. In the past, most STIs were easily treated with readily available antibiotics, but unfortunately, the story of Gonorrhea has taken a turn down a frightening road. Gonorrhea is the 2nd […]

Apr 19, 2018

UNMC Goes to Nicaragua on Medical Missions

UNMC medical students, UNMC physical therapy students, Dr. Florescu, and I (Ada, Florescu, a University of Nebraska college student) all started working very early in the morning on March 19th in Managua, Nicaragua. Although it was early in the morning, the heat in Managua was unstoppable and there was no air conditioner anywhere to be […]

Apr 18, 2018

Who’s going to #SHEA2018?

UNMCID is excited to participate in #SHEA2018 this week from April 18-20 in Portland, OR. This is going to be an exciting conference this year, featuring “Education on Innovative Topics Addressing Unanswered Issues in Healthcare Epidemiology, Antibiotic Stewardship, and Post-Acute & Long-Term Care“.  We want to be sure YOU know where to find us in […]

Apr 17, 2018

EMET Student Profile – Rohan Khazanchi, M1

Tell us about the position you are starting? I will be joining the HIV Clinic over the next four years as a new HIV Enhanced Medical Education Track (EMET) student. Being in a longitudinal program like this means I will be returning to the HIV clinic throughout my medical training to learn about management of […]

Apr 16, 2018

New Faculty Spotlight – James Lawler, MD, MPH, FIDSA

Dr. Lawler recently joined UNMC and the ID Division serving as the Director of Clinical and Biodefense Research within the National Strategic Research Institute and Director of International Programs and Innovation with Global Center for Health Security On a more personal note, we asked Dr. Lawler a few questions: Why did you choose to come to UNMC? What […]

Apr 13, 2018

Faculty Research Presentation: Bacterial Iron Metabolism and Novel Antimicrobial Strategies

Every month, we have a faculty member presents their ongoing research. Last month we had the opportunity to learn from Dean Bradley Britigan about novel antimicrobial strategies involving disruption of bacterial iron metabolism.  Microorganisms need iron for growth and metabolism; they need it for enzymes, gene regulation, and development of virulence factors. Most bacterial species […]

Apr 11, 2018