Month: March 2017

Dr. Cawcutt on “Why I Love ID”

WHY I LOVE ID:  “I love the unpredictability of Infectious Diseases and how, just as in my other specialty of Critical Care, any organ system can be impacted at any time. This allows me to think critically, use all of my medical training and yet have distinct areas of expertise.” – Kelly Cawcutt M.D., M.S. See more […]

Mar 28, 2017

World Tuberculosis Day – How Much Do You Know?

Tuberculosis is one of the top 10 killers in the world. Take a minute today and update your knowledge. Here are two links to get you started.

Mar 24, 2017


National Ebola Training and Education Center – NETEC – The Education Continues!

Over 125 hospital leaders from all over the U.S. were on the UNMC campus today for the National Ebola Training and Education Center (NETEC) Emerging Infectious Diseases Preparedness training course. Learn more about NETEC here:

Mar 21, 2017

New Staff Spotlight

Please join us in welcoming Phil Chung, an Infectious Diseases pharmacist, to the Division of Infectious Diseases. Phil will serve as a pharmacist supporting the Community Outreach Pharmacy Coordinator for the Nebraska Antimicrobial Stewardship Assessment and Promotion Program (ASAP). Tell us about your background: Phil is originally from Hong Kong and en route to us here […]

Mar 21, 2017

SO Much to Celebrate!! Presentations, St. Patrick’s Day and MATCH DAY!!!

Today is a HUGE day! It is MATCH day and we are celebrating the many successes of our students. We may or may not also partake in some GREEN-inspired treats for St. Patrick’s Day as we celebrate! Here at UNMC we have a Comprehensive HIV Medicine Track as one of the competitive Enhanced Medical Education […]

Mar 17, 2017

Dr. Vanschooneveld on “Why I Love ID”

WHY I LOVE ID:  “I love ID for four reasons.  First, is I actually can cure people of their disease.  Second, I get to solve puzzles that others can’t.  Third, in my roles in antibiotic stewardship and infection control I get to improve patient care and prevent infection in whole groups of people.  Finally, I […]

Mar 16, 2017


Appropriate Work Attire???

Some days, you never know WHAT you will need to wear to work here! From Ebola to MERS and other new or emerging infectious diseases, we are ready! Drs. Smith and Hewlett geared up in the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit Learn more about the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit here :

Mar 13, 2017

UNMC ID had a strong presence at CROI – Read on for details!!

The UNMC HIV team traveled to Seattle to attend CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections) last month and came back inspired and eager to continue our clinical and research endeavors here in Omaha. Dr. Susan Buchbinder, chair of the Scientific Program Committee opened the conference with a warm welcome to all conference attendees hailing […]

Mar 9, 2017

New Staff Spotlight

Please join us in welcoming Jolene Tijerina to the Division of Infectious Diseases. Jolene will serve as a Nurse Practitioner supporting the Oncology Infectious Diseases section. Previously, Jolene served as a Clinical Research Coordinator with the Division of Oncology and Hematology. Tell us about your background: I worked here doing non-therapeutic research prior to going […]

Mar 7, 2017

Fostering Interest in ID among Students – For Students and By Students

The UNMC Infectious Diseases Interest Group (IDIG) is a student organization that focuses on educating health profession students about the field of infectious diseases. The IDIG also seeks to garner interest in and promote investigation of a career in infectious disease. In the past year, the IDIG at UNMC has hosted several lunch meetings, including […]

Mar 3, 2017