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New Faculty Spotlight – James Lawler, MD, MPH, FIDSA

Dr. Lawler recently joined UNMC and the ID Division serving as the Director of Clinical and Biodefense Research within the
National Strategic Research Institute and Director of International Programs and Innovation with Global Center for Health Security

On a more personal note, we asked Dr. Lawler a few questions: Why did you choose to come to UNMC? What excites you about Infectious Diseases? And we asked him to tell us something unrelated to medicine we may not know about him.

Here are his answers –

WHY UNMC: The people is what really attracted me to UNMC. There is an incredible sense of purpose and teamwork that is pervasive.

ID EXCITEMENT: I love the intellectual challenges of clinical ID emerging infectious disease research.

UNRELATED TO MEDICINE: I am a big college basketball fan.

Thank you Dr. Lawler! We are thrilled to welcome you and work with you going forward.

Learn more about the UNMC ID Division Faculty including Dr. Lawler here.



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