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I was given the rare opportunity to share my story via the AAMC of how I came to be both a physician and Infectious Diseases/Critical Care subspecialist. Everyone has an amazing story to tell full of both successes and failures, lessons learned and lessons yet to come. Here at UNMC I am honored to be surrounded my amazing, inspiring faculty members within my Division, Department and University as a whole.

There are new generations of students –  aspiring physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, scientists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, scientists and so many others – preparing to step forward into careers in healthcare. By sharing our stories we remind students of our vulnerability, humanity and persistence in improving the lives of those around us.

At the encouragement of a friend and co-faculty member, I am sharing my story with you in hopes to encourage others to do the same.

Who will you share your story with?

– Post and content are the personal opinion of Dr. Kelly Cawcutt and may not reflect the opinions of the Division of Infectious Diseases or UNMC as a whole. 




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