Dr. Hankins on “Why UNMC ID?”

Dr. Hankins on “Why UNMC ID”  

When I started residency I had no idea what I wanted to do afterwards.  Soon I realized as an intern that every patient I saw in which we were treating for an infection, suddenly became the patients I was most interested in.  I was amazed at how quickly patient’s with blood stream infections could go from almost dying to appearing perfectly healthy in just 24 hours.  I found myself excitedly running down to the micro lab at the VA to personally follow up on rare blood cultures.  I chose UNMC because of how much I like all of the staff.  I’ve rotated through the ID service multiple times and enjoyed working with all the different providers on the service.  I think that UNMC provides a variety of ID exposures, and I thought that it would be great to learn with the staff that I really enjoy working with.



– Dr. Richard Hankins, incoming Infectious Disease fellow

See more about the Infectious Disease fellowship here.


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