Publication Alert : “Moment vs Movement: Mission-Based Tweeting for Physician Advocacy”


Drs. Kelly Cawcutt & Jasmine Marcelin have served as Co-Directors for Digital Innovation & Social Media Strategy for UNMC ID for several years, and continue to strive to advance communication, amplification, advocacy and education from the Infectious Diseases Division at UNMC, and in the field of Infectious Diseases, as a whole. With that, they also continue to collaborate and publish scholarly articles on the use of social medicine in medicine.

Their recent publication, written with several other social media experts in medicine, provides guidance and insight into how mission-based tweeting can be used effectively, and how to do it. The 5 A’s of Mission Based Tweeting are found below, but please read the entire article for more excellent content!

Marcelin  JR et al. Moment vs Movement: Mission-Based Tweeting for Physician Advocacy. J. Hosp. Med 2021;8;507-509. 

Link to the full article –


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