UNMC IDSHEAROES Enter the Race Against Resistance – Read Their Top Ten Reasons

Life-threatening infections caused by antimicrobial resistant organisms, commonly referred to as ‘superbugs’ have taken the media by storm. MRSA, VRE, MDRO, KPC, CRE, CDI – all acronyms that put fear in our hearts that one day, we will have run out of treatment options. That one day, our patients will die from infections that we once could cure.

Sadly, what was once a threat, is predicted to be a reality by 2050. Certain experts predict that these ‘superbugs’ will be the most common cause of death globally in 2050. That is truly terrifying.

What can we do?

We can fight back with science. The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) is sponsoring the Race Against Resistance for the 4th year. Money raised is used to fund educational scholarships involved in treating, and researching, ways to prevent the 2050 predictions from coming true. This is a chance to take a stand against ‘superbugs’, to support those fighting against them today, to help change the future.

So, who is racing?

Dr. Kelly Cawcutt and Dr. Jasmine Marcelin, are faculty physicians within UNMC’s Division of Infectious Diseases and have leadership roles in Infection Prevention and Antimicrobial Stewardship, respectively. They also serve as Co-Directors for Digital Innovation & Social Media Strategy for the ID Division. Together, they are the UNMC IDSHEAroes – two social media Co-Directors, trying to do some good.

Here are their TOP TEN reasons for racing:

10 – To beat Dr. Hilary Babcock, who won last year.

9 –  Because honestly, it’s a pretty catchy title & team name.

8 –  To remind everyone that antibiotics cannot treat a ‘cold’ or the flu. Or measles.

7 – To inspire our younger colleagues in medicine that anyone can help make a difference.

6 – To focus on healthy & wellness in a profession that has been struggling with burnout.

5 – To help SHEA and our racing teammates raise more money this year than EVER before

4 – To raise awareness of ‘superbugs’ & antimicrobial resistance by publicly sharing the Race Against Resistance.

3 – To provide the funds that train the next generation in Infection Prevention & Antimicrobial Stewardship.

2– To honor those who fought the fight against resistance before us, and the ones we have lost along the way.

1 – To never lose another patient to an infection we cannot treat.

How are we racing?

With physical wellbeing through exercise! Dr. Cawcutt is recovering from a partial knee reconstruction and will be #RacingInRehab to gain independent ambulation. Dr. Marcelin is#RacingForWellness by focusing on active exercise every day as a reminder that we cannot provide excellent care for others, if we do not care for ourselves first.

If you are interested in supporting the UNMC SHEAROES in the Race Against Resistance, you can donate here.


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