UNMC IDSHEAroes #RaceAgainstResistance Fundraising Milestone Unlocked!

The Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) is sponsoring the Race Against Resistance for the 4th year. Money raised is used to fund educational scholarships involved in treating, and researching, ways to prevent the 2050 predictions from coming true. This is a chance to take a stand against ‘superbugs’, to support those fighting against them today, to help change the future.

Dr. Cawcutt is #RacingInRehab to gain independent ambulation after recent knee surgery. Dr. Marcelin is #RacingForWellness by focusing on active exercise every day as a reminder that we cannot provide excellent care for others, if we do not care for ourselves first.

The UNMC ID SHEAroes #RaceAgainstResistance team achieved a milestone notification (raised at least 25%), we wanted to share it with you!

In the last few months we received several generous donations bringing our total raised to $2,005. This means that we are now at 40% of our goal of $5000!

Is it a big goal? YES! Can we do it? YES!

We want to THANK all of our donors for your generosity, and encourage you to share our campaign with others, and share with us on social media how you are Racing with the UNMC ID SHEAroes!

Learn about our reasons for racing here:

If you are interested in supporting the UNMC SHEAROES in the Race Against Resistance, you can donate here.

Thank you!

Jasmine Marcelin and Kelly Cawcutt

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