UNMC ID Wins Internal Medicine Residency’s Best Teaching Division Award!

We are proud to announce that, earlier this month, UNMC ID was awarded the Best Teaching Division among all 12 Divisions of UNMC’s Department of Internal Medicine for this academic year! This is a huge honor for UNMC ID, which is voted on by current IM residents and awarded at the annual IM residency graduation celebration.

Dr. Jasmine Marcelin (pictured left) accepted the award on the Division’s behalf, commenting, “Thanks to all our faculty and fellows for your exceptional teaching of our residents!

Dr. Trevor VanSchooneveld, Director of the ID Fellowship Program and Core Faculty for the Internal Medicine Residency, echoed that sentiment, saying, “The ID Division is exceedingly pleased to receive this award, and the ID faculty deserve the credit for their above and beyond effort to educate and mentor trainees.

Dr. Andre Kalil also praised the achievement, stating, “Truly an amazing Division accomplishment that will certainly translate into more interest in following an infectious disease career.

Lastly, Dr. Mark Rupp, Chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases, also commended the award and the work of the UNMC ID community towards training our great IM residents in ID- “What a great recognition of the effort that so many make to contribute to the positive educational environment in the Division.  Great job, team!”

Great job team, indeed! A huge thanks to all our faculty, fellows, APPs, staff, and all others who assist in making resident education a great experience for all!


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