Farewell to 2018; a year of UNMC ID growth

2018 has been a year of growth for our Division of Infectious Diseases. We have added several new faculty to our group (and still actively hiring), continued to redesign the College of Medicine Infectious Diseases curriculum, established a new Orthopedic Infectious Diseases service line, expanded our social media presence, joined multiple national Infectious Diseases committees, and hosted two successful regional conferences.

Amidst all of that, our faculty also published 80 peer-reviewed journal articles crossing several areas of expertise, including HIV, Biopreparedness, Infections in Solid-organ and Stem-cell transplant patients, Antimicrobial stewardship, Hospital Epidemiology & Infection Control, and Infections in critically-ill patients. Curious about the depth and breadth of expertise at UNMC ID? Below is a full list of the publications for your perusal, with convenient links to the referenced articles. It’s long, so consider bookmarking and keep referring to it whenever you need a bit of expertise.

We want to thank Librarian Teresa Hartman at the UNMC McGoogan Library for helping us compile this list of publications.

Stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Twitter @UNMC_ID to see all that we have in store for 2019!

2018 UNMC ID Faculty Publications

  1. Aboltins, C.A., Anemuller, R., Belden, K., Brause, B., Citak, M., Del Pozo, J.L., Frommelt, L., Gehrke, T., Hewlett, A., et. al. (2018), “Hip and Knee Section, Treatment, Antimicrobials: Proceedings of International Consensus on Orthopedic Infections, The Journal of arthroplasty
  2. Bares, S.H., Smeaton, L.M., Xu, A., Godfrey, C. and McComsey, G.A. (2018), “HIV-Infected Women Gain More Weight than HIV-Infected Men Following the Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy, Journal of Women’s Health, Vol. 27, No. 9, pp. 1162-1169.
  3. Bares, S.H., Swindells, S., Havens, J.P., Fitzgerald, A., Grant, B.K. and Nickol, D.R. (2018), “Implementation of an HIV clinic-based interprofessional education curriculum for nursing, medical and pharmacy students, Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice, Vol. 11, pp. 37-42.
  4. Beam, E.L., Hotchkiss, E.L., Gibbs, S.G., Hewlett, A.L., Iwen, P.C., Nuss, S.L. and Smith, P.W. (2018), “Observed variation in N95 respirator use by nurses demonstrating isolation care, American Journal of Infection Control, Vol. 46, No. 5, pp. 579-580.
  5. Bhinderwala, F., Lonergan, S., Woods, J., Zhou, C., Fey, P.D. and Powers, R. (2018), “Expanding the Coverage of the Metabolome with Nitrogen-Based NMR, Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 90, No. 7, pp. 4521-4528.
  6. Bolze, A., Boisson, B., Bosch, B., Antipenko, A., Bouaziz, M., Sackstein, P., Chaker-Margot, M., Barlogis, V., Briggs, T., Colino, E., Elmore, A.C., Fischer, A., Genel, F., Hewlett, A., et. al. (2018), “Incomplete penetrance for isolated congenital asplenia in humans with mutations in translated and untranslated RPSA exons, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 115, No. 34, pp. E8007-E8016.
  7. Brett-Major, D. and Lawler, J. (2018), “Catching chances: The movement to be on the ground and research ready before an outbreak, Viruses, Vol. 10, No. 8.
  8. Broekhuis, J.M., Scarsi, K.K., Sayles, H.R., Klepser, D.G., Havens, J.P., Swindells, S. and Bares, S.H. (2018), “Midwest pharmacists’ familiarity, experience, and willingness to provide pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIVPLoS ONE, Vol. 13, No. 11.
  9. Calabro, F., Coen, M., Franceschini, M., Franco-Cendejas, R., Hewlett, A., Segreti, J. and Senneville, E. (2018), “Hip and Knee Section, Treatment, Antimicrobial Suppression: Proceedings of International Consensus on Orthopedic Infections, The Journal of arthroplasty.
  10. Cawcutt, K.A. (2018), “Shifting the Paradigm: Preventing More Than Infection, Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology, Vol. 39, No. 6, pp. 644-646.
  11. Challagundla, L., Luo, X., Tickler, I.A., Didelot, X., Coleman, D.C., Shore, A.C., Coombs, G.W., Sordelli, D.O., Brown, E.L., Skov, R., Larsen, A.R., Reyes, J., Robledo, I.E., Vazquez, G.J., Rivera, R., Fey, P.D., et. al. (2018), “Range expansion and the origin of USA300 north american epidemic methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, mBio, Vol. 9, No. 1.
  12. Choi, S.R., Britigan, B.E., Switzer, B., Hoke, T., Moran, D. and Narayanasamy, P. (2018), “In Vitro Efficacy of Free and Nanoparticle Formulations of Gallium(III) meso-Tetraphenylporphyrine against Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium abscessus and Gallium Biodistribution in Mice, Molecular pharmaceutics, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 1215-1225.
  13. Cirrincione, L.R., Penchala, S.D., Scarsi, K.K., Podany, A.T., et. al. (2018), “Development, validation and utilization of a highly sensitive LC-MS/MS method for quantification of levonorgestrel released from a subdermal implant in human plasma, Journal of Chromatography B: Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, Vol. 1084, pp. 106-112.
  14. Crews, N.R., Cawcutt, K.A., Pritt, B.S., Patel, R. and Virk, A. (2018), “Diagnostic approach for classic compared with localized whipple disease, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Vol. 5, No. 7.
  15. Donovan, J., Sullivan, K., Wilkin, A., Fadul, N., Heine, A., Keller, J., LeViere, A. and Quinlivan, E.B. (2018), “Past Care Predicts Future Care in Out-of-Care People Living with HIV: Results of a Clinic-Based Retention-in-Care Intervention in North Carolina, AIDS and Behavior, Vol. 22, No. 8, pp. 2687-2697.
  16. Duplessis, C., Gregory, M., Frey, K., Bell, M., Truong, L., Schully, K., Lawler, J., et. al. (2018), “Evaluating the discriminating capacity of cell death (apoptotic) biomarkers in sepsis, Journal of Intensive Care, Vol. 6, No. 1.
  17. Dyavar, S.R., Ye, Z., Byrareddy, S.N., Scarsi, K.K., Winchester, L.C., Weinhold, J.A., Fletcher, C.V. and Podany, A.T. (2018), “Normalization of cell associated antiretroviral drug concentrations with a novel RPP30 droplet digital PCR assay, Scientific reports, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 3626-018-21882-0.
  18. Fadul, N., Willis, S.J., Donovan, J., Wilkin, A., Durr Heine, A., LeViere, A., Dortche, C. and Quinlivan, E.B. (2018), “Characteristics of Out-of-Care Patients Who Required a Referral for Re-engagement Services by Public Health Bridge Counselors Following a Brief Clinic-Based Retention Intervention, AIDS and Behavior, pp. 1-9.
  19. Fischer, W.A.,2nd, Vetter, P., Bausch, D.G., Burgess, T., Davey, R.T.,Jr, Fowler, R., Hayden, F.G., Jahrling, P.B., Kalil, A.C., et. al.  (2018), “Ebola virus disease: an update on post-exposure prophylaxis, The Lancet Infectious Diseases, Vol. 18, No. 6, pp. e183-e192.
  20. Flexner, C., Thomas, D.L. and Swindells, S. (2019), “Creating demand for long-acting formulations for the treatment and prevention of HIV, tuberculosis, and viral hepatitis, Current opinion in HIV and AIDS, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 13-20.
  21. Furl, R., Watanabe-Galloway, S., Lyden, E. and Swindells, S. (2018), “Determinants of facilitated health insurance enrollment for patients with HIV disease, and impact of insurance enrollment on targeted health outcomes, BMC Infectious Diseases, Vol. 18, No. 1.
  22. Galla, K.M., Cameron-Smith, E., Bares, S.H., Braun, A., Punsoni, M., Foster, K., Helvey, J. and Kedar, S. (2018), “Teaching NeuroImages: Presentation of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma with bilateral sequential oculomotor neuropathy, Neurology, Vol. 91, No. 1, pp. e92-e93.
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  25. Guzman, L., Qiu, F., Kalil, A.C., Mercer, D.F., Langnas, A. and Florescu, D.F. (2018), “Risk factors for Clostridium difficile infection in intestinal transplant recipients during the first year post-transplant, Transplant Infectious Disease, Vol. 20, No. 2.
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