Patient Safety Awareness Week

“4 in 10 Americans say they have experienced a medical error in their own care or in the care of a loved one.”

Preventable Harm is critical to reduce in healthcare. It is a major cause of death, disability and costs, therefore the Institute for Healthcare Improvement created an initiative of Patient Safety Awareness Week from March 11 to the 17th. The mission is to raise awareness among providers and patients alike, to recognize the paramount importance of patient safety and that no matter what, WE ARE ALL PATIENTS. We all want medical care that is both excellent and safe.

How can you get involved with the events this week?

Take the pledge to help reduce harm.

Join the webinar at 12pm Central time for Engaging Patients and Providers: Speaking Up for a Culture of Safety

Join the Twitter chat. #PSAW18 Friday March 18th from 11AM -12PM Central Time on  Building a Culture of safety.

Check out resources for your institution and other events here:

Here in the realm of Infectious Diseases, much of our work surrounds efforts that directly impact, and improve, patient safety. From antibiotic stewardship aid in improving our drug choices while minimizing adverse events to choosing the right types of IV catheters to even what may seem mundane, like making sure hand washing is easy-to-do and DONE! Throughout this week, we will be posting thoughts on what patient safety means to us and projects we have worked on that focus on patient safety.  This will included a broader array of the invaluable team members helping us all work toward safer healthcare everyday.


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