Match Day – Congratulations and Best Wishes!

Today is the day in which “the MATCH” happens for our 2018 students. This morning, at 11 AM they will find out if they matched into a residency program and this Friday, March 16, they will find out where they matched. Match Day is a day full of anxiety, excitement and some trepidation as you find out if you need to move, what city and state you may be relocating to before entering years of medical training as a resident.

The Match is meant to remove pressure and bias from both students and institutions during the process of choosing a residency program, but it is laced with the unknown and lack of control of where you go, and what you do next. It is a unique right of passage for physicians as they launch into the years of training after earning their MD.

Congratulations to medical students at UNMC and across the country as you celebrate and take the next steps toward becoming the future of medicine. No matter the result, you have come this far and you will continue to step forward as a physician into a realm of extraordinary opportunity to witness, and care for humanity, with all of it’s vulnerability and complexity.

From the UNMC ID Division, we wish you all the best and of course, we hope to see you join us again as fellows!


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