Fellowship MATCH DAY! Congratulations Randy and Lindsey!

As program director, I am exceedingly pleased with our match.  The ID landscape has been very competitive over the last few years but we have still been able to recruit fantastic fellows and have even expanded our program.  In 2017,  we interviewed more candidates than ever before and were able to match two excellent fellows; Randy McCreery and Lindsey Rearigh.  We value the opportunity to promote the growth and success of our trainees and appreciate the confidence they have shown in us by matching here.  This next academic year will be the first we have a compliment of four fellows and I feel very encouraged by the growth of our fellowship.  This expansion is the result of much dedicated work by the faculty, administrators, and current and past fellows and I want to thank them for their ongoing support of our ID fellowship.

– Trevor Van Schooneveld, MD, FACP


“We are very excited to welcome our new fellows to our growing ID fellowship program. We look forward to having both Randy and Lindsey joining us.”

– Mark Rupp, MD; Professor and Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases


See more about the UNMC ID fellowship here.

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