UNMC ID Leader Pursues Advanced Training

We are proud of our ID leaders for many reasons, one of which is their constant desire to improve and educate themselves and others for the betterment of patient care. One example of this is seeking out additional training at the national level and sharing that knowledge with those here at UNMC. Read on for a quick story of a successful training course and what it means for education and quality improvement at Nebraska Medicine.

“Nichole Regan is the Assistant Director for HIV Programs at the UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Specialty Care Center. She has been a great asset to the program in assisting with clinical directorship as well as directing the HIV Clinical Quality Management Program. She is leading the training of SCC staff on quality improvement. Her participation in this program is a great step towards improving understanding of the principles of QI amongst the staff and we hope to be able to spread this knowledge regionally as well.

– Dr. Nada Fadul

Nichole Regan, APRN, Assistant Director of HIV Programs at UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Specialty Care Center, attended the national Training-of-Trainers (TOT) Program on March 22-24, 2023, in Dallas, TX. The three-day, in-person training was presented by the HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Center for Quality Improvement & Innovation (CQII). CQII will celebrate its 20-year anniversary later in the year and close to 2,000 individuals have graduated from its advanced trainings across the country.  The TOT is an advanced capacity-building training program for individuals with experience in clinical quality management, who wish to refine their skills in training others on quality improvement principles and practice. 

This year’s TOT began in February 2023 with several Zoom meetings as well as preparatory self-paced studies in quality management and adult learning principles. While in Dallas, the cohort of approximately 50 leaders across the U.S. in HIV care and quality management met in person for an intensive session comprised of didactic as well as hands-on, experience-oriented learning activities. The program culminated with a capstone project where participants had the opportunity to train each other regarding components of clinical quality management. In the next 4 months, participants will complete the program requirements by utilizing their training skills and resources to lead three clinical quality management trainings for other Ryan White program stakeholders.

To learn more about CQII and specific training programs and resources, visit: https://targethiv.org/CQII [targethiv.org]

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