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Recognizing our Great Residents and Fellows!

Nebraska MedicineUNMC and The Gold Humanism Honor Society are excited to celebrate all Residents and Fellows today on Thank a Resident/Fellow Day. Thank a Resident Day offers faculty and students the chance to show their gratitude to the unsung teachers of their medical school clerkship, the house-staff. 

UNMC ID Directors, Fellows, and Family

While Residency and Fellowship is an important stage in medical training, it is also a period of peak burn out. Physician burnout affects more than half of U.S. doctorsBurnout is characterized by three symptoms; exhaustion, cynicism or dehumanization, and sense of ineffectiveness and lack of accomplishment. Thank a Resident Day is meant to celebrate our rising medical professionals and explore their resiliency.

A simple, but heart-felt, thank you may carry a larger impact than any of us realize. Please take a moment today to personally thank a resident or fellow for their crucial work. 

Here in the ID world, we would like to extend a particular thanks to our residents here in ALL specialties at UNMC, as well as specifically our ID fellows (pictured below). Thank you for EVERYTHING you do to help prevent and treat infections in the community and here in the hospital. We need your help every day in preventing the spread of disease, in antimicrobial stewardship and in providing the best possible care for our patients.

Our UNMC ID Fellows (from top left to bottom right): Dr. Nabil Al-Kourainy, Dr. Catherine Cichon, Dr. Timothy Jang, Dr. Mackenzie Keintz, Dr. Timothy McElroy, and Dr. Bryan Walker. Thank you for all you do!

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  1. Mark E Rupp says:

    We are indeed fortunate to have a terrific group of ID Fellows. A big Thank You for their dedicated service and the compassionate and excellent care they offer our patients each and every day!

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