UNMC Celebrates Black History Month: Next Week’s Events (Week 3)

Since 1976, each February has been host to a series of events recognizing the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout U.S. history. It is as much a celebration as it is a time of education and reflection. Accordingly, UNMC has planned multiple events to share and commemorate African American culture. Check out the UNMC Newsroom’s post for full details and see below for an abbreviated summary of next week’s events.

Speakers and Panels

February 20th, 3pm
Panel discussion about Black and Black diaspora culture and how it is represented in Omaha. Panelists include Eric Ewing, executive director of the Great Plains Black History Museum; Jade Rodgers, historian and adjunct professor at Metropolitan Community College; and Charles Ahovissi, founder of African Culture Connection. Available via YouTube.

February 21st, 10am
Justin Payne, award-winning composer, playwright, international vocalist and professor of Black studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, speaks on the relationship between African Americans and their influence on all musical genres. Presentation via Zoom.

February 22nd, 3pm
Brave Space conversation focusing on the social and ethical impacts that social determinants of health have on the community. Attendees will engage on topics such as defining health equity, health disparities and health inequities; understanding impact of social determinants of health; exploring health status, behaviors and needs of residents of Omaha through a systemic and data-drive approach; and reflect on how health care providers can promote health equity in their practices. Presentation via Zoom.

Other Events

February 6th-24th
Donate to a campuswide diaper and supply drive. Donations will go to A Mother’s Love and the Nebraska Diaper Bank. A list of donations and drop-off locations can be found here.

Heads up for later next week

February 25th
A two-hour guided tour of North Omaha. On this tour, attendees will learn about the rich legacy of the area, the African American community and why North Omaha is a beacon of the past and important for the future. Pre-registration is required.

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