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Precious Davis, BSN, MSN on Why I Love ID

Why I Love ID:

“Before beginning nursing school, I always had a strong desire to give back to my community by educating and bringing awareness to the high STD rates in Douglas County. Throughout my career, I encountered some setbacks because of lack of enough work or educational experience to work in the field. While finishing my Masters Degree earlier this year, an HIV Case Management position became available, I jumped at it. Lo and behold, here I am today at the Specialty Care Clinic!  I am now able to collaborate with organizations within the community on patients referred to our clinic. What I love most about ID is being able to share my own personal experiences with patients that are receiving STD treatment and those from my community that need encouragement and reinforcement of compliance.”

-Precious Davis, BSN, MSN

See more about UNMC ID here.


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