Josh Havens, PharmD on “Why I Love ID”

Why I Love ID: 

Infectious diseases, in general, is quite interesting, but I can really only speak from an HIV perspective. My initial career interests were not in infectious diseases and it was not until I threw myself into this niche world of HIV that I started to recognize a true affinity toward the field.  It is rare to find an infection that is such long-lived and durable despite enormous efforts to cure it.  I find the complexity and evasive nature of the HIV virus is fascinating.  I love the challenge that the treatment of HIV can often provide.  In most cases, the majority of your patients create a small portion of your work/effort yet it’s that 10% that can often require 95% of your time.  I love the 10% because of the upside.  The challenges to get these patients better are multifaceted and generally difficult, but the smallest changes in their medical care can result in noticeable positive changes.  There are many other reasons I love this field but the struggles it can present are sometimes what I enjoy the most.  

Josh Havens, PharmD

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