Textbook on Immunocompromised Patients Goes Global


Dr. Alison Freifeld co-edited a clinical textbook on infections in immunocompromised hosts with Dr. Pranatharthi Chandrasekar, Dr. Ajit Limaye and Dr. Emily Blumberg. The textbook is gaining a global audience and is now available in Japanese. 

Dr. Freifeld was the section editor for infections in Oncology patients. 

Per Dr. Freifeld:  “Immunosuppressed patients — particularly those being treated for malignancies — are found globally and accordingly, it is essential for physicians (and especially ID physicians who are often the consultants for the tougher cases) to be able to diagnose and treat the infectious risks as a consequence of cancer and it’s therapies.” 

 Congratulations on expanding education efforts to an increasingly global audience!

Learn more about the Infectious Diseases Division and Dr. Freifeld here.



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