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Welcoming Ada Florescu as our ID blog assistant!

We are SO thrilled to have Ada joining our blog team! She will be helping with creating and scheduling posts, so we want to introduce her to you all!

My name is Ada Florescu and I am a junior at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  I am a Biology major and a Spanish minor. I recently studied abroad in Seville, Spain so the number of classes I need to take for my minor are quickly dwindling. On the other side of things, it is time to take on several semesters of a full course load of science courses. I am projected to graduate in the Spring of 2019 and after my graduation I am hoping to take a gap year in order to work in a professional medical environment and to get myself prepared for what is to come in medical school. There is still so much time for me to decide, but as of right now, my career goal is to become an OB/GYN or fertility doctor.* I believe UNMC will be such a positive resource to me in achieving these goals so I am so excited to be a part of the UNMC ID blog. I believe it will allow me to acquaint myself with more medical terminology and cases in order to better prepare me for the things I will face in my future.”

*Don’t worry, we are planning on trying to convince her that Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases are definitely the way to go!!



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