UNMC ID Celebrates Women in Medicine Month

As September comes to a close, we would like to take a moment and recognize the women physicians in medicine who make UNMC ID the fantastic division it is. Each year during the month of September the American Medical Association honors physicians who have offered their time, wisdom and support to advance women with careers in medicine. At UNMC ID, we are lucky to have a truly impressive roster of medical professionals who satisfy those requirements…and then some.

From top left: Dr. Andrea Zimmer, Dr. Elizabeth Schnaubelt, Dr. Jasmine Marcelin, Dr. Andrea Green Hines, Dr. Nada Fadul, Dr. Susan Swindells, Dr. Kimberly Scarsi, Dr. Subhadra Mandadi, Dr. Alison Freifeld, Dr. Kelly Cawcutt, Dr. Erica Stohs, Dr. Kari Neemann, Dr. Angela Hewlett, Dr. Diana Florescu, Dr. Natalia Castillo Almeida, Dr. Anum Abbas, and Dr. Sara Hurtado Bares, Dr. Catherine Cichon, Dr. Mackenzie Keintz

Above, we feature UNMC ID’s Women in Medicine. You will no doubt recognize many of these photos from numerous recent features on the blog highlighting achievements and ideas from the Division of Infectious Diseases. Additionally, many of these physicians play an active role in advocacy. Underscoring this, Dr. Cawcutt recently spoke at a women in health care conference last Friday, September 16. Dr. Marcelin will also be speaking at a women in healthcare leadership conference next Thursday, September 29. We celebrate all women in healthcare; thank you all for your work, commitment, and expertise!

(Check out the UNMC ID faculty page for bios and more information)

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  1. Proud to work with these fabulous Women in Medicine!

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