In Case You Missed It: UNMC ID Physician Pens Both Prescriptions and Children’s Books

Dr. Nicolas Cortes-Penfield, UNMC ID Physician and recent author of an infectious disease themed children’s book

It seems that clinical ID knowledge may also be useful outside of the clinic. In case you missed it, UNMC ID’s Dr. Nicolas Cortes-Penfield was recently featured in Nebraska Medicine’s public-facing blog for his infectious disease themed children’s book titled “A is for Anisakis: An Infantile Introduction to Infectious Diseases.” With carefully selected ID entries for each letter of the alphabet, the book was a hit with his two daughters, Elise and Celeste, and has garnered quite a bit of interest from the ID field at large. It is in the process of revision for illustrated publication. Congratulations on a creative and fantastic infectious disease publication (and the opportunity to feature it here)!

For a peek inside the book and some additional content, check out the original blog post here.

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