Publication Alert: The Value of a Longitudinal HIV Track for Medical Students

Since 2009, UNMC has offered a supplementary educational experience in HIV patient care to interested medical students. This program, officially called the Comprehensive HIV Enhanced Medical Education Track (EMET), is designed to foster interest and training in care for people with HIV (PWH). This type of training is critical to maintaining a physician population with the skills and experience to treat PWH.

In a recent publication authored by many UNMC ID faculty, including Dr. Jasmine Marcelin, Susan Swindells, Dr. Nada Fadul, and Dr. Sara Bares, the successes of the EMET program are explored through the lens of feedback from the 14 existing graduates of the program. For the full details, see the study here.

From right to left: Dr. Jasmine Marcelin, Dr. Susan Swindells, Dr. Nada Fadul, and Dr. Sara Bares. They recently co-authored a publication centered around UNMC’s HIV EMET program and the importance of incorporating HIV care as a piece of medical school curriculum.

Some highlights of the publication are below:

  • Two-thirds of graduates who applied to an Internal Medicine residency went on to pursue an ID fellowship
  • 71% of EMET students completed at least one abstract and 64% published at least one publication during their time in the EMET program
  • 100% of EMET graduates agreed that participation in this program increased their comfort caring for PWH and awareness of barriers to care this population may experience.
  • Similarly, 100% of graduates would recommend the HIV EMET program to future students, citing impactful clinical and mentoring experiences as a particular strength of the program

For more on the EMET program at UNMC, see this page. For a look at the recent successes of current HIV EMET students, see our recent blog post.

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