A few last words from Dr. Clayton Mowrer

It took some time to find an a way to accurately summarize the last two years. I’ll start with one easy sentence: 

This was a fantastic fellowship, and I would instantly choose it again.

I feel so fortunate that not only did we received such a breadth of training in all aspects of ID (ASP, SOT, ortho), but that we had the unique privilege to work with experts in public health, health security/biodefense, as well as some who were at the forefront of the COVID response.

It was a joy to work with a group of physicians who were such advocates for us fellows and who truly helped us not only become better ID clinicians/researchers but helped us grow as humans – the two of which, in my opinion, go hand-in-hand. I will defer to my colleague’s – Dr. Mark Ridder – elaboration on this in an earlier post, of which I am in full agreement; he is much more eloquent than I.

Regardless, I have lost count of how many of the faculty I consider mentors. And my co-fellows? Absolute Rockstars.

As for my next step: I’m not quite through with my training (cue eye roll for everyone who knows me). I’m headed to complete two years of pediatric ID fellowship next, along with pursuing an MPH here at UNMC. I have yet to determine my next steps following that, but I have developed a passion for emerging pathogens and health security and hope to dive deeper into that world throughout my career.

– Dr. Clayton Mowrer, graduating ID Fellow, June 2021 – heading to Pediatric ID fellowship/MPH at UNMC

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