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LIVE from #IDWeek2020, it’s UNMC ID!

IDWeek is our premier Infectious Diseases conference, and we are excited about it all year long. This year the anticipation is no different, although the conference itself will be very different because of COVID-19. This year is completely virtual, with a full 24hrs of #ChasingTheSun COVID coverage starting October 21, 2020. Many presentations are pre-recorded so we can access them at our leisure; posters are virtual with recorded voice-overs; there will be live Q&A with presenters throughout the week; and a few live sessions not to be missed! With thousands of registrants, our social media feeds are sure to be filled with #IDWeek2020 and we are here for it!

We want you to know where you can find UNMC ID faculty and trainees this week presenting and moderating, and follow us on twitter at @UNMC_ID!

Oral Presentations

Dr. Nada Fadul (Director of our Specialty Care Center) and Nikki Regan APRN will be co-presenting the #IDWeek2020 Program Committee Choice Award oral abstract: A Quality Management Project of a Midwestern Academic HIV Clinic Operation During COVID-19: Implementation Strategy and Preliminary Outcomes

Dr. Jasmine Marcelin will be presenting on October 22, 2020 12:30-1:45pm EDT/11:30-12:45pm CDT (on demand): Leading from the Minority – Strategies for Advancement for Members of Underrepresented Groups

Dr. Mark Rupp (Division Chief) will be presenting the SHEA Lectureship on October 23, 2020 9-9:30am EDT/8-8:30 CDT (on demand): When this is all over, and we are back to normal, it won’t be normal

Lt. Col. Dr. Elizabeth Schnaubelt will be presenting on October 23, 2020 10-11:15am EDT/9-10:15am CDT (on demand): Mitigating Harm’s Way: Innovations in Military/civilian ID Partnerships

Check out our posters

Presenter(s): Andrew Watkins, PharmD; Trevor Van Schooneveld MD; Scott Bergman, PharmD: Use of a Novel Clinical Decision Support Tool for Pharmacist-Led Antimicrobial Stewardship in Patients with Normal Procalcitonin

Presenter(s): Mark Ridder MD (2nd Yr Fellow); Kelly Cawcutt MD: The Buck Stops Here. PICC Line Utilization: Stewardship Is Not Only About Antimicrobials Any More

Presenter(s): Brett Young PharmD (Pharmacy Resident); Scott Bergman, PharmD; Nico Cortes-Penfield MD; Trevor Van Schooneveld, MD; Bryan Alexander, PharmD: Evaluation of addition of outpatient parenteral antimicrobial therapy and orthopedic ID resources to transitions-of-care outcomes

Presenter(s): Claire Ferguson (Medical Student); Scott Bergman, PharmD; Jennifer Cavalieri; Mark Rupp, MD; Trevor Van Schooneveld, MD; Salman Ashraf MD: Assessment of the Long-Term Effects of Training Consultant Pharmacists to Promote Antimicrobial Stewardship in Long-Term Care Facilities 

Co-Author: Nico Cortes-Penfield MD: Impact of #idjclub, a synchoronous twitter journal club, as a novel Infectious Disease education platform

Co-Author: Jasmine Marcelin, MD: In their own words: a Qualitative Analysis of Factors Contributing to Gender Bias in Academic Advancement in Infectious Disease

Presenter(s): Mackenzie Keintz MD (IM Resident); Jasmine Marcelin, MD, Bryan Alexander PharmD, Trevor Van Schooneveld MD, Scott Bergman PharmD, Erica Stohs MD: Impact Of Clinician Specialty on the Use of Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Definitive Treatment of Uncomplicated Bloodstream Infections

Co-Author: Jonathan Ryder (1st yr ID Fellow): A Retrospective Cohort Study of Treatment Patterns and Clinical Outcomes in Patients with COVID-19

Co-Author: Jasmine Marcelin MD: Equity in academic advancement: findings from an IDSA-sponsored survey of infectious disease physicians

Presenter(s): Bryan Alexander PharmD; Trevor Van Schooneveld MD; Scott Bergman PharmD; Nico Cortes-Penfield MD: Significant Institutional Cost Savings from OPAT-Facilitated Discharge for Patients with Challenging Situations

Presenter(s): Clayton Mowrer MD (2nd Yr ID Fellow); Erica Stohs MD, Trevor Van Schooneveld MD: Evaluation of Surgical Site Infections in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients with Beta-Lactam Allergies

Presenter(s): Wilfredo Lopez (medical student); Sara Bares MD; Nada Fadul MD: Lung Cancer Screening in at-risk patients with HIV in a Midwestern Clinic

Co-Author: Trevor Van Schooneveld: #BeASteward: Transforming Infectious Diseases Fellows Into Antimicrobial Stewards Using the IDSA Antimicrobial Stewardship Curriculum

Presenter(s): Jasmine Marcelin MD; Kelly Cawcutt MD: Trends in Speaker Representation at the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) ID Week Conference, 2013-2019

Presenter(s): Casey Zelus MD (1st yr ID Fellow); Andre Kalil MD; Trevor Van Schooneveld MD; Jasmine Marcelin MD; Kelly Cawcutt MD: Pneumonia due to Co-Infection in the ICU: Detection and Clinical Significance

Congratulations to all of our presenters, and we hope everyone enjoys #IDWeek2020!

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