UNMC ID Ebola Expert Dr. Angela Hewlett shares the Nebraska Experience

Dr. Angela Hewlett presented ‘Clinical Management of Ebola: The Nebraska Experience’ at Grand Rounds at the University of Wisconsin on Friday April 19th 2019.  Dr. Hewlett was invited by Internal Medicine Chief Resident Dr. Samantha Murray-Bainer as part of the University of Wisconsin Dream Speaker series, where each Chief Resident is given the opportunity to select a Grand Rounds speaker that has been influential to them.

We are thrilled to celebrate this honor with Dr. Hewlett, a testament to her expertise, influence and contribution to the field of Infectious Diseases and Biopreparedness.

Here’s the link to Dr. Hewlett’s Grand Rounds presentation:


Photo: Dr. Samantha Murray-Bainer (Chief Resident), Dr. Angela Hewlett, and Dr. Elizabeth Trowbridge (Chair, Department of Internal Medicine), University of Wisconsin

Content courtesy: Dr. Hewlett

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