Top 10 Things We Are Thankful for in ID – Letterman Style

Life is better with gratitude. Today, whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, we want to continue to show our gratitude and thankfulness to be able to help diagnose, prevent, treat, cure and even advance, the science of medicine. Now, let’s have a little fun!

We are grateful for:

10. Hand washing with those cute seasonal soaps – No one needs a real-life learning experience about Typhoid Mary.

9. Well-cooked Turkey – Salmonella was not invited to this dinner party.

8. Antibiotic-Free Agriculture  РThis is not a rise of resistance anyone wants to endorse.

7. Improved monitoring and safety of herbicides – Did you know about The Great Cranberry Scare of 1959?

6. Separate cutting boards, so our spinach salad does not get introduced to Ecoli. Safety First, Food Safety!

5. Research & outbreak investigations that have taught us so many lessons about infections & foodborne pathogens like Listeria.

4. The potential antimicrobial effect of the honey on our roasted carrots – perhaps it is extra healthy?

3. The cinnamon in your pumpkin pie, may also have antimicrobial impact against. S. aureus & E. Coli.

2. Influenza vaccinations– saving lives every year during this season of celebrations and rising cases of influenza infection. It’s not too late you get yours!

  1. Finally, YOU! Colleague, patient, educator, advocate, researcher, funder, supporter. Without all of you, we simply would not be able to continue to provide the extraordinary care and education we strive to. Thank you! May you find your day full of gratitude and thankfulness.



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