Applying for ID fellowship? Hear Why UNMC ID was the right choice for one of our current fellows!

Why UNMC ID Was Right for Me

As I took inventory of what I had here in Omaha (this is where I did  my residency), no other program could beat the quality of training that I knew I would receive while also providing the quality of life that my family enjoys.  While I get to work and learn from national experts in many common diseases (just review some of the IDSA guidelines), my daughter gets free cello lessons, takes ballet class, is going to a dual language elementary school and is one of 15 kids under the age of ten that I can hit from my porch with a football (we have an amazing neighborhood!).  I received the kind of mentorship from the ID staff as a resident that all residents should receive, but unfortunately don’t.  I know that type of attention and guidance will continue throughout my fellowship.

The program is extensive with mature divisions in general ID, oncology, transplant and HIV, in addition to other areas of accomplished specialization in orthopedics, bio-containment and  my favorite area, antimicrobial stewardship (apologies to anyone I left out).

I think this is usually the case for ID staff anywhere, but it is true here as well.  ID physicians are some of the happiest and most passionate doctors you will find and I knew that I would be working with those kind of people if I stayed here.

I could really just go on and on, Warren Buffet is my neighbor, the hospital is 5 minutes from my house, the hospital itself runs well, there are a ton of good restaurants, the college world series is a ton of fun.  Simply put, anyone that sees this program will find depth, maturity, quality and kindness in the division of infectious diseases.

Content from Dr. McCreery.


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