UNMC ID Welcomes New M1 Enhanced Medical Education Track Students

The UNMC College of Medicine offers a unique Enhanced Medical Education Track (EMET) program which provides an opportunity for medical students to delve into particular disciplines of interest in the field of medicine throughout their four year degree program. Track students attend seminars, preceptorships and complete a research project culminating in a poster or conference presentation. More information about the EMET program can be found here.

One of these tracks is HIV medicine, and we are always excited to have track students come through our HIV clinic.  Our track students have participated in many research projects, with over 20 publications and presentations. This year, we are pleased to welcome two M1 students who will be joining our track: Rohan Khazanchi and Kevin Hanna.  They are both very passionate about HIV care. In upcoming posts, we will introduce them separately.

Rohan Khazanchi, M1

Kevin Hanna

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