Celebrating Nurse Practitioner’s Week – Spotlight on Oncology Infectious Diseases NP’s!

Nurse Practitioner’s Week runs from November 12 to November 18. During this week, the ID wants to recognize and extend our appreciation to our Nurse Practitioner’s that provide extraordinary care to our patients at Nebraska Medicine. Our first spotlight features Whitney Knuth and Jolene Tijerina, who serve our Oncology ID patients.


Whitney Knuth (on right)

A graduate of the University of Iowa (BSN) and Clarkson College (MSN-FNP), Whitney was drawn to the healthcare field from her desire to help others. Nursing provided Whitney the opportunity to make a difference in her patients’ lives in a challenging and rewarding field. As Whitney’s nursing career progressed, she had a drive for greater clinical knowledge and professional autonomy. With her foundation as a nurse, Whitney knew pursuing her dream to become a nurse practitioner would allow her to continue to advocate for her patients and provide advanced holistic care.

As a Nurse Practitioner with the Oncology ID team, Whitney enjoys the ability to work with the patients and their families. With a background as a nurse in Oncology & Hematology, being able to work with this patient population with the Infectious Diseases team has been extremely rewarding. Many of the patients served by Oncology ID team are immunocompromised, that when the team is able to prevent, diagnose, and treat an infectious complication, is extremely gratifying.


Jolene Tijerina (on left)

A graduate of Creighton University (BSN) and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (MSN-FNP), Jolene was drawn to the healthcare field from family experiences with Oncology. From these experiences, Jolene started in healthcare apart of the research team and quickly built relationships with the patients. Because of these meaningful relationships, Jolene pursued her nursing degree. As a nurse, Jolene loved the role that she served with caring of patients. However, she was drawn to increase her responsibility in the care process related to treatment plans.

As a Nurse Practitioner with the Oncology ID team, Jolene loves that she learns something new every day. The patient population cared by the Oncology ID team is complex and requires Jolene to dive deeper, at times playing detective, with their patient’s background. Jolene finds her role as part of the team rewarding from rapport she is able to build with their patients through the care she provides every day.


Thank you Whitney and Jolene for all you do everyday to provide excellent care to our patients!


Content courtesy of Jonathan Nguyen.

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