Superheroes Armed with Hand Sanitizer


Superhero or infection preventionist? Maybe both. To celebrate National Infection Prevention Week, our very own infection preventionists donned superhero costumes and paid a visit to the inpatient floors of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center Oct. 16. There, they asked nurses to touch two of their props and then used a special light to demonstrate the germs that transferred to their hands. After using hand sanitizer, the nurses’ hands were examined again for any remaining germs. It’s a great reminder to practice hand hygiene and how to do it properly. The team plans to visit the inpatient units at Nebraska Medical Center and Bellevue as well as nearby clinics.

Even better? These superheroes are EMPOWERING OTHERS to practice great hand hygiene by giving away 1oz. bottles of hand sanitizer to healthcare workers. Be a hero, wash your hands!


Content courtesy of Terry Micheels and Kara Haworth. 


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