Do What You Do and Get Published, Too – Key Take Home Points!


This morning, a fantastic Faculty Development panel was held to a full house of attendees,  focused on how to maximize your productivity within your career and life. Our Division is incredibly productive and this is reflected in that two of the three panelists were from within our ranks: Dr. Hewlett and Dr. Scarsi were joined by Dr. Schenarts in providing insight and expertise in this area.

Missed the session? Here are a few of the key suggestions from that session:

  • Decide when and where you want to write – Where can you focus? What time of day are you productive?
  • Schedule the time – Block your calendar
  • Close the door
  • Find your team AND bring others up to your level when you can. Ask junior colleagues or trainees to work with you and delegate roles.
  • Set deadlines for when this will be done.
  • Do not forget downtime. It is critical to rest.
  • Write down possible research ideas to bring for possible future use.
  • Be an opportunist. When you have an experience that can teach others, capitalize on that.
    • Building a new clinical model? Write it up! If you do not, someone else will.
  • Sometimes the practical and simple clinical questions are well worth printing.
  • Choose a way to write and edit documents as a team IN ADVANCE so that roles are very clear.
  • Consider editing live together as opposed to constant track changes if possible as then your final draft will be done once and in real-time.
  • Not sure if you can publish your project because you hadn’t planned on it at the onset? Perhaps it was a quality improvement project? Call the IRB and ask. This is usually not an insurmountable situation.
  • Consider WHO you think will want to read this and submit to that journal.
    • “Not everything has to be a RCT published in The Lancet”
  • How do you get the expertise to do this?
    • Find a good mentor.
    • Reach out beyond your division.
    • Consider a national course or masters program for additional training.
    • Send your publication/grant/proposal to your WORST critic to focus on improvement.


Interested in learning more about faculty development opportunities at UNMC? Read more here.



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