New Faculty Spotlight – Dr. El-Ramahi


I am Jordanian but grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia where my dad used to work. I moved back to attend medical school at the Jordan University of Science and Technology. After graduation, I worked in Jordan for two years before moving to the United States. We recently moved to Omaha and before that we lived in Tucson, Arizona for more than 6 years.


I decided during my training that I wanted to work in an academic institution because I wanted to teach and be a part of educating our medical students and residents/fellows. I also realized that working in a tertiary referral center offers the clinician the opportunity to take care of a variety of disease processes and a good number of intriguing cases. The other appealing quality is that there is a lot of support for research.

UNMC is well-renowned for offering high quality patient care and medical education along with exceptional research opportunities. The infectious diseases division here is unique in that it offers different service teams tailored to different patient populations which I believe enables the ID physicians to focus their interests and provide better care for the patients.

What about ID makes you excited?

When evaluating patients as infectious diseases physicians we are doing a detective’s work trying to gather as many clues as we can. What is also appealing to me is that it is a very intellectual specialty rather than procedure-driven. In addition to using our infectious diseases analytical skills, we also utilize a lot of our internal medicine knowledge trying to decide if what is making the patient sick is an infection or not. What is rewarding at the end of this hard work and after identifying a specific infection, is that we get to see patients improve and feel better with the treatment(s) we provide.

Something interesting about me not related to medicine:

I like outdoor activities such as hiking and riding my bike. I recently started to learn how to play the piano.

See more about the UNMC ID Division here.


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