DFM at STFM Medical Student Education Conference

2020 STFM Medical Student Education Conference

The 2020 Society of Teachers of Family Medicine Conference on Medical Student Education Conference was held in Portland, Oregon, giving some Department of Family Medicine faculty an opportunity to share their family medicine research and wisdom.

  • Department of Family Medicine Contributions:
  • Lectures:
    • “Interactive Strategies for Learner Obesity Bias Education and Mitigation Incorporating the New Core Obesity Competencies (STU)” by Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS and Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD
  • Posters:
    • “Impact of an Interprofessional Mediterranean Culinary Course on Medical Student Nutrition” by Susan Evans, MD; Jenenne Geske, PhD; Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS; Max Lydiatt; Cathy Curtis; Brian OMalley
    • “Development of an Interprofessional eLearning Module for Implicit Obesity Bias Medical Education” by Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS and Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD
    • “Feasibility of Conducting a Study in an Amish Community in Rural Nebraska” by Mindy Lacey, MD; Jenenne Geske, PhD; Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS; Joseph Rohr, MD, PhD; Kristine Spears, PA-C
    • “Not Your Typical High School Dance: Collaborative Community Dance Events to Enhance STI Testing for Adolescents” by Andrea Jones, MD; Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS; Sara Marlatt
  • Scholarly Topic Roundtable Discussions:
    • “Our Future and the Family Medicine Student and Resident: Teaching, Exercise, Healthy Nutrition and Lifestyle Redesign (STU)” by Jo Reilly, MD, MPH; Jessica Thai; Max Lydiatt; Susan Evans, MD; Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS
    • “Obesity Bias- Blindspots and Blatancies: Strategies and Educational Interventions for Medical Students” by Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS; Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD
    • “Preventive Health for Underserved Youth: Public Health Strategies, Community-Based Ventures and Medical Student Education (STU)” by Andrea Jones, MD; Jennifer Liu, MD
    • “Using Aquifer Family Medicine Cases to Solve Unique and Common Curricular Challenges, 10 Years In (NFAC)” by Elizabeth Brown, MD, MPH; Dana Nguyen, MD; Jacob Prunuske, MD, MSPH; Kenneth Wise; Dolapo Babalola, MD, FAAFP, FAAFP; William Hay, MD
    • “Interprofessional Community Engaged Activities of an Interprofessional Student-Run Clinic” by Jennifer Liu, MD; Kristen Cook, PharmD, BCPS; Jenenne Geske, PhD; Wayne Mathews; William Hay, MD; Andrea Jones, MD; Megan Timmerman, RD; Sean Feehan
  • Completed Research Project:
    • “Strengthening Medical and Pharmacy Interprofessional Collaboration at a Student-Run Free Clinic: The GOODLIFE Model” by William Hay, MD; Kristen Cook, PharmD, BCPS
  • Symposia:
    • “There Will Be Food: Teaching Nutrition Skills to Medical Students Through Cooking” by Susan Evans, MD; Jessica Thai, Bonnie Jortberg, PhD, RD, CDE; Jo Reilly, MD, MPH; Birgit Khandalavala, MBBS; Max Lydiatt; Cathy Curtis; Brian OMalley

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