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Tranquil Tuesdays

Sit comfortably. Let your hands relax. Close your eyes. Inhale and exhale slowly.

Faculty and staff members in the Department of Family Medicine are taking time on “Tranquil Tuesdays” to decrease stress and improve mental and physical health.

Every Tuesday, participants can to take 10 minutes over their lunch hour to “come and practice a simple yet effective Self-Guided Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Activity”.

“We all have built-in biological responses to stress, both positive and negative.  Practicing mindfulness can help to deliberately turn on the positive responses,” Dr. Jessica Koran-Scholl, Associate Professor and Director of Behavioral Health, says.

“Research indicates that those who practice mindfulness experience less anxiety, have more restful sleep and increase their empathy and problem solving abilities.  You do better and you feel better, it is basically a win-win.”

Tranquil Tuesdays takes place every Tuesday in the Family Medicine library from 12:00 – 1:00 pm.

Grand Rounds Recap: Snakes on a Plane and Other In-Flight Emergencies

Dr. Timothy Coker presented at the Family Medicine Grand Rounds on Wednesday, November 11 at Eppley Science Hall. The topic of discussion was “Snakes on a Plane and Other In-Flight Emergencies”.

Dr. Coker has been a faculty member at Offutt AFB for several years and discussed multiple strategies related to dealing with different emergencies that can occur in the air.

He gave a brief review of the physiology of altitude and how it may affect management of different emergencies. Dr. Coker discussed available resources on a plane both mandatory by the FFA and otherwise.

The lecture was interactive, including the use of a phone app that allowed audience participation answering how people would respond to different cardiac, respiratory, and obstetric emergencies. Lastly, Dr. Coker discussed legal protections afforded physicians responding to this type of emergencies.

The next Grand Rounds presentation will be held on Wednesday, November 18 at Eppley Science Hall from 12:00-1:00 pm. Chad Whyte, M.D., will be presenting on the management of headaches.

Dr. Audrey Paulman and students earn e-learning grant

Family Medicine faculty member, Audrey Paulman, MD, served as a faculty advisor for one of 19 approved UNMC E-Learning modules. Approved applications will receive a $1000 grant to develop the modules geared toward improving learning experiences for UNMC students.

With the guidance of Dr. Paulman, student members, Lance Villeneuve and Michael Visenio are working to develop the UNMC E-Learning module, Clinical Management of Common Medical Problems: Treating Diabetes, Dyslipidemia, and Hypertension through the UNMC Interactive E-Learning Program.

Completed e-modules will be presented to UNMC leaders, the faculty community, and external board of advisors at the E-Learning Showcase on April 21, 2016.

The e-learning module will also be archived in the Digital Commons repository at McGoogan Library.

You can read more about the E-Learning Awards for November 2015 on UNMC Today.