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Family Medicine Celebrates Residency Program Graduates

The Department of Family Medicine gathered on Sunday, June 26 for the annual graduation banquet, held at Founder One Nine in Omaha.

Faculty, staff, residents, and their families came together to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2016 graduating residents in a program led by Residency Program Director Kimberly Jarzynka, MD; Rural Track Residency Program Director Jeff Harrison, MD; and Offutt Air Force Base Residency Program Director Heidi Gaddey, MD.

UNMC/OAFB Family Medicine Residency Graduation Awards & Recognition

Outgoing Chief Residents
– Chelsea Williams, MD
– Steve Gale, MD

Incoming Chief Residents
– Jamil Neme, MD
– Nate Renes, MD

Lee Retelsdorg Award – HO I with highest ITE Score
– Hannah Christiansen, MD

Margaret Faith Award – HO II with highest ITE Score
– Kirsten Winnie

Ralph Cassel Award – HO III with highest ITE Score
– Brady Fickenscher, MD
– Leif Magnusson, DO

Chairman’s Honor Roll
In recognition of outstanding performance on the ABFM In-Training Examination, all residents with an overall score that places them in the top 1% of all participants in the nation will be placed on the Chairman’s Honor Roll.
– Brady Fickenscher, MD
– Kris Huber, MD
– Leif Magnusson, DO
– Kyle Myers, MD
– Umama Sadia, MBBS
– Kirsten Winnie, MD

Research Awards
All residents are required to do a scholarly project during their residency, which can include original research, educational research, quality improvement projects, case reports, or reviews of the literature.

Residents who presented at a regional or national meeting:
– Christine Broszko, MD
– Amy Feck, MD
– Kirsten Winnie, MD
– Jamil Neme, MD
– Ferdinando Andrade, MD
– Steve Gale, MD
– Geoff McLeod, DO
– Kyle Myers, MD
– Rustin Rawlings, MD
– Josh Sypal, MD
– Chelsea Williams, MD

Award winners from the 3rd Annual Family Medicine Research Symposium can be found here.

Kash Patil Award
The Kash Patil Award is given annually at graduation to the resident who has performed the most outstanding original scholarly work during residency.
– Kris Huber, MD for “Sugar Sweetened Beverage Consumption Survey in an Underserved Pregnancy Cohort at an Urban Community Health Center”

James Stageman Resident Teacher of the Year
Given to one third-year resident who has interest, ability and commitment to family medicine education as demonstrated by peer teaching, education of medical students, physician assistants, nursing students, etc., consistent quality in presentations and/or conferences, and excellence in patient and community teaching. Selected by the faculty and residents.
– John “Andy” Craig, MD

Family Medicine House Officer of the Year
Presented to a graduating third-year resident who is considered a superior representative of our residency program. Qualifications include: scholarship (including routine evaluations and In-Training exams), leadership, clinical excellence, dedication to teaching peers and others, and extra-curricular community involvement. Selected by the faculty.
– Steve Gale, MD

Teacher of the Year
This award is given annually by the Family Medicine residents to a non-physician teacher who may or may not be a member of the Family Medicine faculty. Requirements include commitment to Family Medicine education as well as outstanding service to the Family Medicine Department.
– Michelle Rooney, PharmD

Physician Teacher of the Year
This award is presented annually by the Family Medicine residents at UNMC. The Physician Teacher Award will be voted on yearly during the resident retreat. The requirements for nomination for this award include that the recipient not be a member of the Family Medicine Department, but have worked closely with Family Medicine residents.  He/she must have demonstrated commitment to education of Family Medicine residents.  He/she should have also demonstrated outstanding teaching skills and ability and been a good “role model.”
– Patrick Basile, MD

Faculty of the Year
This award is presented annually by the Family Medicine residents at UNMC. The Faculty of the Year Award will be voted on yearly during the resident retreat. The requirements for nomination for this award include that the recipient be a faculty member in the Department of Family Medicine.  He/she must have demonstrated commitment to education of Family Medicine residents.  He/she should have also demonstrated outstanding teaching skills and ability and been a good “role model”.
– Timothy Coker, MD

Alumnus of the Year
Given to a board certified graduate of the Family Medicine Residency Program at UNMC. Qualifications include: exemplary family physician, leadership and service to the community, service to family medicine at UNMC, locally and/or nationally, and additional achievements or innovations.
– J. Matthew Byrd, MD, Class of 2001

Presentation of Graduates

Offutt Air Force Base Family Medicine Residency Graduates:
– Sara DeSpain, MD
– Steve Gale, MD
– Zach Genant, MD
– Leif Magnusson, DO
– Stephanie Mathre, DO
– Geoff McLeod, DO
– Rustin Rawlings, MD

Rural Training Track Family Medicine Residency Graduates:
– Jared Beck, MD
– Aaron Cisar, MD
– Greg McClanahan, MD
– Kyle Myers, MD
– Paula Thielen, MD
– Tyler Vettel, MD
– Justin Westengaard, MD

Traditional Family Medicine Residency Graduates:
– Ferdinando Andrade, MD
– LaKeisha Cox, MD
– John “Andy” Craig, MD
– Brady Fickenscher, MD
– Jillian Fickenscher, MD
– Kris Huber, MD
– Chris Jensen, MD
– Alisha O’Malley, MD
– Ronoel Penalver, MD

Faculty-edited manual published in Greek

The third edition of Taylor’s Differential Diagnosis Manual: Symptoms and Signs in the Time-Limited Encounter is now available in Greek. The manual, originally published in 2013 is also available in Spanish and Japanese.

The English edition is edited by Family Medicine faculty members Paul M. Paulman, MD , Audrey A. Paulman, MD, MMM, Jeffrey D. Harrison, MD,  Kimberly J. Jarzynka, MD, along with Laeth S. Nasir, MD.

Support Staff Uses Whole-Brain Thinking for Team Building

The Department of Family Medicine support staff participated in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessment to discover the impact of each individual’s thinking style and how to utilize the information in a team environment. Each staff member completed the HBDI assessment and received a profile illustrating their preferred way of thinking, learning, and communicating.

UNMC Employee Development & Training Specialist, Diane Kortus, lead the morning session along with Employee Development Specialist, Margaret Boyce. They shared their own experience with HBDI and how they’ve used it in the workplace.

The group explored each quadrant, how they fit as a team and learned more about the types of people found in the workplace.

“I thought Diane’s explanation of introvert vs. extrovert and how they take and give energy was really interesting,” Grants Protocol Associate Makenzie Hough said.

The HBDI is “a tool provided to encourage us to understand our strengths and blind spots, preferences, and avoidances”. The team will use their assessments to communicate and work more efficiently. Something the group is excited to implement.

“I think this will be helpful to the team because it will provide us with the tools to reach across the aisle and recognize each other’s strengths. I’m excited to participate in more collaborative work and break down silos,” Office Associate Sarah Frink said.

You can learn more about HBDI on their website.

Clinic Spotlight: Eagle Run

Eagle Run offers excellent care for the entire family at a convenient location in northwest Omaha. The staff at the Eagle Run clinic focuses on providing a caring and protective environment for its patients.

It’s through the experienced staff and providers that Eagle Run maintains excellent patient care.

Medical director, Jason Patera, MD, credits his team to living up to the mission of Nebraska Medicine.

“Eagle Run has a diverse staff of dedicated and motivated people that are focused on providing patient-centered care. From the time patients are welcomed by our great medical receptionists, to the time they are done having their labs drawn by our hardworking and dedicated medical assistants, the patients at Eagle Run are provided excellent service and in a friendly and welcoming environment.”

Over the past year, Eagle Run has welcomed two new physicians. Megan Willet, MD, joined the Eagle Run team in early January. She also serves as an assistant professor in the UNMC Department of Family Medicine. John Winters, MD, is also new to the team, serving Eagle Run in the Immediate Care setting.

“The providers are ensuring high quality, individualized care is being given to the patients to help “transform” their lives, as is the mission of Nebraska Medicine,” Dr. Patera said of the Eagle Run physicians.

While Eagle Run has embraced the additions to the team, an experienced nursing staff is also vital to their clinical operations.

Shirley Hartle, RN, and Leslie Pivovar, RN, have both been a part of the Eagle Run staff for over 10 years.

“Family Medicine sees everything, so the learning opportunities never end.  The feeling of satisfaction when a patient says ‘thanks for helping me feel better’ or ‘thanks for explaining that so clearly’ etc. is so worthwhile,” Pivovar said.

Hartle also finds fulfilment as a nurse. Especially when serving the assortment of patients that turn to Eagle Run for care.

“I continue to inspire my patients at the clinic with a variety of approaches to help them until they get it. They understand. They get it,” she said.

The dedication of the entire nursing staff does not go unnoticed.

“Behind the scenes, the nurses work relentlessly to continue that service to patients beyond the confines of the clinic. Our nurses are motivated and driven by a desire to improve the health outcomes of our patients, so we are increasing the amount of direct patient contact that the nurses have,” Dr. Patera said.

The Department of Family Medicine is proud to offer extraordinary care to families at Eagle Run Family Medicine.