Support Staff Uses Whole-Brain Thinking for Team Building

The Department of Family Medicine support staff participated in the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessment to discover the impact of each individual’s thinking style and how to utilize the information in a team environment. Each staff member completed the HBDI assessment and received a profile illustrating their preferred way of thinking, learning, and communicating.

UNMC Employee Development & Training Specialist, Diane Kortus, lead the morning session along with Employee Development Specialist, Margaret Boyce. They shared their own experience with HBDI and how they’ve used it in the workplace.

The group explored each quadrant, how they fit as a team and learned more about the types of people found in the workplace.

“I thought Diane’s explanation of introvert vs. extrovert and how they take and give energy was really interesting,” Grants Protocol Associate Makenzie Hough said.

The HBDI is “a tool provided to encourage us to understand our strengths and blind spots, preferences, and avoidances”. The team will use their assessments to communicate and work more efficiently. Something the group is excited to implement.

“I think this will be helpful to the team because it will provide us with the tools to reach across the aisle and recognize each other’s strengths. I’m excited to participate in more collaborative work and break down silos,” Office Associate Sarah Frink said.

You can learn more about HBDI on their website.

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