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Department celebrates graduating residents

The Department of Family Medicine gathered on Sunday, June 24 for the annual graduation banquet, held at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha.

Faculty, staff, residents, and their families came together to celebrate the accomplishments of our 2018 graduating residents in a program led by Residency Program Director Dr. Kimberly Jarzynka, Rural Track Residency Program Director Dr. Jeff Harrison, and Offutt Air Force Base Residency Program Director Dr. Dillon Savard.

Family Medicine also recognized some special guests in attendance including, Col. Samia Ochia, 55th Medical Group Chief of Medical Staff, and Col. Mark Anderson, 55th Medical Operations Squadron Commander.

A full list of awards and recognitions can be found here.

Congratulations to all our Family Medicine graduates!

Department celebrates Dr. Jeff Hill

L to R: Dr. Michael Sitorius, Dr. Jeffrey Hill, Dr. Audrey Paulman, Dr. Ivan Abdouch, and Dr. Paul Paulman

The Department of Family Medicine gathered on June 11 to honor Associate Professor Dr. Jeffrey Hill. After over 30 years with the department, Dr. Hill is retiring.

Dr. Jeffrey Hill, Associate Professor, attended Medical School at the University of South Nebraska Medical Center and completed his Residency training in Family Medicine at the Lincoln Family Practice Residency in 1980.

Upon graduation from residency, Dr. Hill began a private practice in Geneva, NE.  In 1984, he left private practice to join the UNMC Department of Family Medicine as an Assistant Professor and Medical Director for the Harvey Oaks Medical Associates (now Clarkson West Family Medicine clinic).  In 1994, Dr. Hill was promoted to Associate Professor and the following year was appointed Assistant Dean for Admissions. In 1999, he was promoted to Associate Dean for Admissions and Students.

Dr. Hill is an active promoter of Primary Care and Rural Medicine.  Since the early 1990’s he has served on the UNMC Medical School Admissions Committee, Rural Health Opportunities Program and Minority Health Opportunities Program.  Continually championing and expanding opportunities for students to pursue health care careers in rural and underrepresented areas.

The Department thanks Dr. Hill for his years of service!

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