Faculty Travels to China

Family Medicine Chairman Mike Sitorius, MD, Residency Program Director, Kim Jarzynka, MD, and Rural Residency Program Director, Jeff Harrison, MD, along with Bradley Britigan, MD, dean of the UNMC College of Medicine, spent a week in China as part of the UNMC Asia Pacific Rim Development Program (APRDP). Their week in Shanghai included lectures, presentations, and time in both inpatient and outpatient clinics.

The trip started with a visit to the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which specializes in treatments like acupuncture and cupping.

At Fudan University in Shanghai, the group gave lectures on ACGME accreditation as well as an overview of the patient experience at Family Medicine clinics in the United States.

For the final days of the trip, Sitorius, Jarzynka, and Harrison traveled to East Hospital for inpatient consultations and teaching. On the outpatient side, the UNMC faculty members met with Chinese physicians who had completed the U.S.-Sino Family Medicine Leadership Development Course. There they saw several patients and a variety of complex cases.


Dr. Jeff Harrison at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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