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Office Associates Complete Foundations for Success

Department of Family Medicine Office Associates Frauke Wilcox and Sarah Frink are recent graduates of the 2016 ‘Foundations for Success’ program hosted by UNMC.

‘Foundations for Success’ is a career development and networking series for Office/Service staff of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The goal of the series is to strengthen employees’ skills foundation so that they experience the highest level of functioning in their current position and are motivated to advance forward as leaders in their current/future UNMC positions.

Through several sessions, Wilcox and Frink gained personal insight about their work styles.

“I feel like I learned a bit more about myself, how I approach my work, as well as how people I work with may have a different approach to getting the job done.  The workshop pointed out that being aware of our differences is an asset rather than a deficit,” Wilcox said.

“It was interesting to dissect my personality and learn why I am more inclined toward certain work styles. It helped me learn how to better work with others who may have a different approach,” Frink said.

Participants attended four sessions on a variety of topics including, Valuing People, Owning Change, Developing U and UNMC, Navigating Difficult Conversations, Organizing for Success, and Creativity @ Work.


  1. Kerin Misiunas says:

    Congratulations! Very proud of both of you committing to this growth opportunity.

  2. Shavon says:

    Congrats, Ladies!

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