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Rural Preceptor Spotlight: Dr. Ryan Banks

Medical student, Alexis Erbst and Dr. Ryan Banks

Ryan Banks, MD, is an University of Nebraska Medicine Center medical school graduate and an alum of the Family Medicine Residency Program.

Dr. Banks now serves as a provider and rural preceptor for UNMC students in O’Neill, Nebraska for Avera Medical Group. Dr. Banks served as a preceptor in November 2015 for third year student¬†Alexis Erbst and shares why his experience as a preceptor has been so rewarding.

As a medical student, what do you remember most about your rural rotation?
I was able to get a lot of experience on my rural rotation with clinical work, ER and OB. I enjoyed working with all the physicians and got to see how to practice medicine from multiple views.

Why did you become a preceptor?
I think precepting is a great way to give back to those who taught me; plus I think you can learn a lot from the medical students. It can be challenging but always is rewarding. I think it reflects positively on your clinic and the patients always enjoy seeing the medical student.

What skills do you enjoy teaching?
I enjoying teaching the “hands-on” skills such as OB, endoscopies, joint injections and taking care of skin lesions.

What advice would you give to others considering precepting?
I think precepting has been a rewarding experience. I enjoy inspiring students whether they are going to go into family practice or not. I think you are never too old to learn, and it has kept me sharp throughout the years.

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