Public Health Job Opportunities

Temp Community Health Liaison – 1 year

Examples of Work

The Community Health Liaison will act as a point of contact during Strike Team activation. Develop and conduct communication plans with local entities requesting a site visit, engage local service providers and community entities in creating responses to recommendations by the Strike Team, and act as liaison and facilitator for action in cooperation with local entities. Crystallize messaging for the purpose, mission and operation of the Community Strike Team, as well as all messaging content and format for assignments and follow-up actions. Understand and communicate unique cultural/behavioral properties of the subject location/event to Community Strike Members, integrate those properties into planned operations. Identify, develop, and maintain a list of key contacts and cooperating agencies important to supporting the work of the Community Strike Team within the agency and the community, and with appropriate sensitivity/deference to city/village representatives and cultural, chronological pain points. Develop the helping relationship with the business/event community by integrating other DHHS services with Community Strike Team services to assure that DHHS is as responsive as possible in its assistance to those requesting Community Strike Team knowledge. Be the ‘go to’ publishable information center of the Community Strike Team working with the data analyst, epidemiologists, environmental hygienist to interpret new information for incorporation within reports as directed by the Community Strike Team Administrator or Coordinator – always working through the DHHS Office of Communications with information to be shared with the public. In coordination with the DHHS Office of Communications, determine any limits on information releases; develop accurate, accessible, and timely information for use in press/media briefings; obtain approvals of news releases; and conduct periodic media briefings. Arrange for tours and other interviews or briefings that may be required. Monitor and forward media information that may be useful to incident planning. Maintain current information, summaries, and/or displays on the incident. Make information about the incident available to incident personnel. Participate in planning meetings. 

Qualifications / Requirements

REQUIREMENTS: Post high school coursework/training in community health education, biological science, adult/continuing education or related field AND experience in public/community health education activities with responsibility for: developing and evaluating health education programs; determining health needs; preparing educational and informational materials, training aids, and presentations; or conferring with individuals and groups to exchange information pertinent to community health education programs. 

PREFERRED: An essential understanding of and experience in public health, strong oral and written communication skills and a bachelors’ degree or equivalent in a communication field (Communications, Business, Sociology, Psychology) 

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: the principles and practices of educational instruction and learning; the principles and practices of program evaluation including the assessment of goals and methods and the measurement of programmatic achievement; the theories of individual and group behavior; the techniques of using multi-media equipment; the principles and practices of public information distribution; the sources of information concerning community, financial, physical and human/health services; the organization and operations of local governments and community organizations; biological and behavioral/social sciences pertinent to public health issues. Skill in: teaching others so they understand; presenting information to groups. Ability to: design, layout, and use educational and informational material; locate and determine the utility of local resources; foster local interest and participation in Strike Team activities; develop and conduct needs assessments, feasibility studies, and evaluations; communicate with individuals and groups to consult on the development and implementation of a action plans; design training aids, programs, and presentations using a multi-media approach; interpret agency, federal, State, and local rules, guidelines, policies and procedures pertinent to community health education; prepare reports; learn to prepare requests for proposals, grants and contracts. 

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