University of Nebraska Medical Center

Metabolic Food Program Coordinator

Deadline: 6/20/18

Under limited supervision, handles a single administrative or program operation, function, or activity in a contributory capacity with the immediate supervisor or manager and performs varied administrative, technical, and/or program support work.

Lincoln NSOB 3rd floor Newborn Screening / Immunizations Programs Areas 

Monday to Friday / 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

This position is federally funded and may be governed by the Federal Hatch Act. Click here to review the Act.

Examples of work:

Under limited supervision, this position will be primarily responsible for supporting functions and maintaining operations within the Newborn Screening Program and Metabolic Foods program for approximately .66 FTE and for the Immunizations Program for approximately .33 FTE. This position is primarily responsible for managing the metabolic foods requirements of the statute to ensure Nebraskan’s with inborn errors in metabolism have access to the pharmaceutically manufactured foods necessary for their growth, development and health maintenance. This position provides parent education, individual counseling, and support in collaboration with a dietitian to help people manage their diets, obtain the foods and learn which ones are eligible for reimbursement and which are not. Administers the foods program for both reimbursement and ordering for financial hardship-eligible individuals. This position provides technical support and wide array of operational duties to both programs. This position is also responsible for the ordering and distribution of statutorily required patient education materials, to help ensure all 27,500+ birth parents get information on newborn screening so they can respond appropriately if abnormal screen results are found, or if repeat screening is needed for some other reason. It is critical to periodically review the tracking sheet to ensure every birthing facility has the educational materials on hand as births occur. The position also manages the logistics for the quarterly newborn screening advisory committee meetings; maintains the contact list of multiple key partners at all 59 birthing facilities used primarily by the program manager for professional education, quality assurance monitoring and quality improvement activities; and provides general support to the professional staff of the newborn screening program. The position provides administrative support to the Immunizations program which has a statutory obligation to be available during business hours. Many phone calls and over 5000 reports are submitted annually which are processed by this position. The reports are to meet federal program requirements.

In addition to the primary responsibility of administering the metabolic foods program of the Newborn Screening Program as described above, the supporting functions for the Newborn Screening Program and Immunizations Program include:

  • Explains policies, procedures and processes pertinent to the metabolic foods and Immunizations program to the public and answers inquiries to facilitate proper application of these directives and processes. Develops Guidance Documents and advises on implications of regulations.
  • Evaluates policies, procedures and processes and applies them to situations to make determinations.
  • Manages multiple spreadsheets and databases essential for monitoring and tracking operations, processes, surveys, quality assurance and for quality improvement projects for both programs. Collect, compile information and/or data from computers, databases, statistical, accounting, administrative and/or other records to compile records and complete reports, charts and/or graphs using word processing, spreadsheet or database software to display information in a readable format and provide immediate supervisor/management with information for making decisions. Analyzes information and makes conclusions.
  • Produces statistical and narrative summaries and reports as requested by program management.
  • Manages the logistics for multiple advisory group meetings, for both programs, including drafting minutes. Coordinates people, equipment, location, and supplies for meetings
  • Coordinates print and distribution of parent and professional education materials including coordinating written translations into multiple languages.
  • Provides general support/office operations technical assistance to the professional staff of the Programs.
  • Quality checks and processes reimbursements, contract and sub-award payments
  • Provides support for web page updates.
  • Will travel up to 7 times a year for New Born Screening Programs and Immunization Programs.


REQUIREMENTS: Post-secondary degree in office management, secretarial/office support, customer service, administration, or a related area. OR One year of experience in office management, secretarial/office support, customer service, or administration, including the use of computer software such as word processing, spreadsheets, and database management. OR One year of coursework/training or experience involving research, presentation, or publication in an area related to the programs or functions of the employing agency.

PREFERRED: Bachelor’s degree in business, education, accounting, office management, public administration, organizational management or health sciences field and two to three years of experience in office management, customer service, administration or a related field. Proficient at expert level in a spreadsheet, word processing, and databases. Experience with publishing software and website support. Positive attitude, flexible style, integrity, a desire to help others and a strong work ethic are essential. Highly capable of carrying out multiple administrative tasks and concurrent priorities in a sustainable manner. Background/knowledge of principles of public health, medically necessary nutritional needs and immunizations a plus. Strong oral and written communication including routine project status reporting is essential. The initiative, independence, and interdependent work experience valued.

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