Meet Jessica Quick, our new ID administrator

We’re excited to welcome Jessica Quick, MBA, to our UNMC ID team as a new administrator!

Why did you choose to come work at UNMC?

UNMC has a wonderful reputation in the community for innovation and growth.  Joining the ID Division gave me the chance to expand my horizons and learn more about the academic portion of practice, along with continuing to be involved in the clinical setting through the Specialty Care Clinic and other ID clinical programs .

What makes you excited about working in ID?

The ID Division is a dynamo – clinical, research, and education.  ID has experienced amazing growth over the last few years.  The faculty numbers continue to increase and ID research is at the forefront of innovation.  We are also expanding our Fellowship and our regional, national, and international reputation.  Though the practice of medicine is very clinical in nature, I hope that I can be a valuable asset on the administrative and business side of the practice.  I expect there will be lots of great changes continuing to emerge from the ID Division over the next few and I am very excited to be part of that.

Tell us something about yourself that is unrelated to medicine.

I love spending time with my family hanging out in the back yard.  We regularly turn on a baseball game and play yard games with the kids.  Our favorite currently is Giant Jenga and Frisbie Golf.



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